The rise of the African online sports betting industry

The rise of the African online sports betting industry

Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment, and it is done across the world. This is where you can wager on sports, and try to guess the outcome of different sporting events. It is part of the gambling industry and is one of the most popular ways to wager with your money. The global betting industry grew immensely last year and is set to grow even further. 

Sports betting in Africa

Online sports betting and other forms of gambling have become extremely popular in the last few years, not only in North America and Europe but also in Africa. While the continent is only responsible for 1.1% of gambling across the world, it is definitely growing. Huge amounts of people in various countries and the growing interest in sports are one of the reasons. Also, many countries in Africa have removed the ban on gambling such as online sports betting. This, and the growing use of technology has made more people look for new sportsbooks to bet on, and nfl predictions to use when betting. 

Two gambling nations

Nigeria is among the countries where betting is most popular. The country has more than 200 million people and could be a huge market for gambling. As of now, it is estimated that Nigerians are spending $2 billion a year on betting and that approximately 30% of the population is betting on sports. Gambling in the country boomed after the lift of the gambling ban in 2004 done by the National Gambling Act. 


South Africa is another country that was affected by this, and here money games such as online casinos were banned the same year. After allowing gambling betting became increasingly more popular, and it is expected to double from 24% of gambling revenue in the next five years. The most popular sports to bet on here are football, cricket, horse racing, and golf.

A greater gambling focus

With the lift of gambling bans in many African countries, a greater focus has been put on the gambling scene. This includes a higher marketing budget for many sportsbooks in order to recruit new gamblers to their sites. As betting is becoming more popular, more betting sites are also being made, and the competition is tough. This has led to sites giving out competitive bonuses as well as tips and tricks to become a good bettor. Gambling sites and foreign investors are seeing Africa as a huge potential market. 

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