The Best Deals to Celebrate Admin Professionals Day

Best Deals to Celebrate Admin Professionals Day

With COVID-19 coming in full force, businesses need structure and organization now more than ever. Thankfully administrative professionals keep offices in order, doing everything from arranging important documents to managing client communications. While they aren’t often thanked for all their hard work, they are a key factor in helping their company stay afloat. For this reason, administrative professionals and assistants deserved to be recognized for their impactful contributions. On April 22nd, the last Wednesday of the month, Admin Professionals Day comes around to give an opportunity to celebrate admin workers with gifts, words of gratitude, and best of all, coupons and deals. 

Although many places have closed their brick and mortar locations, some online deals and delivery services still stand. The below list from Wikibuy highlights ways to share your appreciation for administrative professionals, and deals to claim if you are one as well. 

How to Give Back to Administrative Professionals

Make sure to show administrative professionals that their work doesn’t go unnoticed. Giving workers special recognition promotes a healthy and collaborative work environment, through words of affirmation or, in this case, a gift. The options below give a diverse range of presents to celebrate the importance of admin professionals. 

  • 1-800-FLOWERS. Up until July 2020, there are select flower bouquets that are 40% on the 1-800-FLOWERS website. Typically, orange and gold roses are symbols of gratitude, and are great options to incorporate in gifting your loved administration professional. 
  • Einstein Bros. Bagels. During the course of Admin Professionals Day, Einstein Bros. Bagels gives free Amazon gift cards to people who spend $150 on catering. If you know your beloved admin’s address, getting breakfast for them and their families is a great way to share your appreciation, and the addition of a gift card makes the present even more meaningful! 
  • From You Flowers. The flower delivery service constantly has promos, starting with $19.99 bouquets. Colorful roses or a cluster of cymbidium orchids are great, classy options for the worker you want to recognize. They have same-day delivery just in case you decided to get a gift on April 22nd. 
  • The website has 25% off your entire order until May 6th, just in time for the holiday. There is also a specific category on the page dedicated to personalized gifts for the holiday, with customized mugs, monogrammed blankets, and corporate message frames as well. The personalization options that the website offers adds a more thoughtful touch. 

Other Ways to Show Your Appreciation 

If you want an out-of-the box gift to celebrate your amazing secretary, the list below hosts a variety of unique ideas. From promoting company-wide recognition, to a gift of mindfulness classes, your admin is sure to be appreciative of your gift no matter which route you choose to take. 

  • Company-wide recognition. Gathering emails from coworkers throughout the office to create a virtual card can be a great way to show how much the admin professional is admired and loved. 
  • Check off their to-dos. Try and give them a well-deserved day off on April 22nd. Covering their to-do list can show them just how much you care for their hard work. 
  • Surprise them with treats. If lunch or dinner is out of your budget, consider delicious treats or coffee. Nowadays, businesses have turned to delivery options, so make sure to check out your local dessert and coffee shops to give a great gift while supporting small businesses at the same time. 
  • Update their equipment. For a more practical gift, try and invest in the latest and greatest programs to improve their daily tasks. While this might be on the pricier side of things, it is an extremely thoughtful and beneficial gift. 
  • Video-chat lunch. Instead of just delivering lunch to their door, get yourself some too. This allows you both to eat virtually together, and the video chat can help get some necessary social interaction during isolation. 
  • Online meditation class. There are several subscription services that provide remote meditation classes. Help them relax and unwind with a trial pack of classes from websites like Alo Moves and New Skills Academy. 

Deals for Administration Professionals

With all the hard work admins put into their job each day, there is no doubt that they deserve special treatment. They manage and organize documents, files, and data to help the company run smoothly. They are the first person all customers and clients see when they walk into the office. The admin makes a difference, and on April 22nd, the deals they claim should make them feel recognized. The options below usually allow takeout or delivery services, but make sure to call your local restaurant to see if they are still participating this year. 

  • Papa John’s Pizza. With the code SM25, all regular price orders are 25% off. Get a pizza for your cozy, at-home dinner plans on April 22nd to celebrate the day. 
  • Panera Bread. If you want to celebrate with several others in your home, Panera Bread offers $15 off of $100 catering. The feast can be right in your living room, celebrating with the people closest to you. 
  • Shula’s Steakhouse. Your dine-in option can be a fancy one as well! Since they allow delivery or pickup as well, the Shula’s Steakhouse in Maples, Florida gives administrative professionals a free entree with a purchase of another. 

Since the initial creation of National Secretaries Day in the 1950s, the holiday has come a long way. While it began as a way to increase the number of women in secretarial positions, that is no longer it’s main purpose. National Administrative Professionals Day is an opportunity to recognize the effort and impact that admin professionals have provided all businesses. They keep everything in order, organize files, schedule appointments and meetings, and so much more. The role is truly the backbone of any company, and keeps them from falling apart. 

From delicious meals right to their door, to a bouquet of flowers, the gifts you send won’t go unnoticed for the admin in your life. For more gift ideas and information on how to make the day as special as possible, make sure to check out the infographic below. If you are an admin professional, the image also gives more information on what deals you can snag this year when April 22nd rolls around.

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