South African Braais: The Way to Celebrate Just About Everything!

Celebrate Just About Everything

Every country has a few cultural habits that differentiate them from everyone else. For South Africans, it’s spending at least one of the weekend days with family or friends at a braai. 

For most South Africans, Saturday afternoon goes hand in hand with inviting friends and family over to gather around braai stands and enjoy a tasty meaty meal. No matter how tough your week’s been, or whether there’s a reason for celebration or not, a braai is always the answer. 

South Africa’s Love for a Good Braai

While South Africa is made up of many diverse cultures, the one aspect most South Africans have in common is their love for a good braai. In fact, most South Africans will choose a good outdoor braai over a trip to a luxurious restaurant. But what is it about a good braai that South Africans love so much? Visit Here

Why is a Braai Different From a BBQ?

The word “braai” is an Afrikaans word and is derived from the original Dutch word “braden”, meaning to roast. To the novice, a braai might just look like the South African take on the well-known BBQ. However, in South Africa, a braai takes the average barbeque concept to the next level. It’s as much about the people as it’s about the tasty meat variety. 

Unlike BBQs in other countries, South African braais are made with real, local wood or charcoal. Or, if you’re a “master braaier”, you might use a combination of both. The fire counts as the centerpiece of the whole event and often burns long after the meal is done and enjoyed. Sitting around the blazing fire constitutes as part of the experience. 

Why Do South Africans Love a Good Braai?

Some locals feel braais are a necessary way of connecting with family and friends. Whether you live in a house with a massive backyard or a tiny flat with a small balcony, you most likely own a braai stand of some kind. 

Having a braai is also the perfect way to celebrate weddings, birthdays, christenings, graduations and even housewarmings. In fact, when there’s no apparent reason to braai, South Africans braai simply because they need to eat! A point to note is that South Africans can braai in rain or shine!

What Are the Best Foods to Add to The Braai?

Unlike other countries’ barbeques, South Africans don’t limit their braais to hotdogs and hamburgers. On a South African braai stand you can expect to find everything from different meat pieces to toasted sandwiches. Each family has their own unique family recipes for sauces and braai sides. 

Final Thoughts

A good South African braai is considered one of the best ways to commemorate any personal achievement. It’s a great way to share stories, catch up on gossip and the latest events. Above all, it’s an excellent way to share a good meal and make some amazing memories! 


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