Leisure assets you can afford to add to your life with leisure finance

Over the years, more people have been working towards creating a balanced lifestyle – one where they can work and ensure that they set time aside to do things that add value to their lives. This, of course, depends on what brings you joy. For some people, it’s spending time with friends and family and enjoying a quiet night in, and for others, it’s living on the edge and enjoying thrill-seeking adventures. 

However, some of these leisure activities require costly assets. This leaves most people at a disadvantage as they cannot afford them, especially because leisure activities are low on the list of responsibilities or important things. This is why lenders have brought in leisure finance. Now, you may be wondering what leisure finance is. Leisure finance is a tailored financial plan that offers customers financing for leisure assets they may be interested in. 

Now that you know that there is a financial option for your needs, read this article to see which assets you can purchase for yourself and your family. 


If you and your family have been dreaming of cycling through the city over the weekend or going mountain biking, now is your chance. With leisure finance, you can purchase quality bicycles for yourself and your loved ones. Cycling with your family helps you spend quality time together, has several health benefits, and is a great way to reduce stress and get your children outside and active rather than sitting at home the entire weekend. Plus, cycling is a fun activity that doesn’t have any implications on the environment as it’s eco-friendly. You don’t have to see this activity as a pipeline dream for the near future, but something you and those close to you can do together now. 

Quad bikes 

Another exhilarating activity that you can finally afford to add to your life is quad biking. Quad biking is a great way to pass the time, whether you are doing it alone or with friends and family. If you are someone who has always been keen on trying something out of your comfort zone and a little challenging, then quad biking is for you. Quad biking is not only challenging, but it offers you fitness benefits, helps relieve stress, an all-weather activity and can also give you a thrill that is exactly what you may need after a long week of office life. If you are interested, keep in mind that quad bikes range from over R10 000 to R50 000, depending on the model you’re interested in. With leisure finance, you can use a leisure finance affordability calculator to see if you can afford to make this purchase. 

Golf cart 

For years, golfing and owning a golf cart was always associated with wealthy people. But, that is the furthest from the truth. Many people love golfing as a sport but also as a way to unwind and network with friends and like-minded people. If you have always been into golf, you know that carrying your golfing equipment without a golf cart can be tiring, but now you no longer have to do that. You can purchase a golf cart depending on the size you want and be able to truly enjoy the golfing experience you’ve always craved. 

Jet Ski 

If water activities have always been your favourite thing to do during your leisure time, then it’s time for you to purchase a jet ski. Jet skis have many benefits, such as helping your balance and coordination and improving your endurance as you burn calories when you ride through tough waves. While you can opt to rent out a jet ski, depending on your needs and whether you prefer owning an asset rather than renting, you can decide what works best for you. But if you consider leisure finance, then know that it is covered. 


If you are a fan of road trips or long-distance drives, then a caravan is the asset you need for your leisure time. There are different types of caravans available on the market that will fit your budget and your needs. You can create beautiful memories with your loved ones and make it an activity you and your family do on weekends or a specific holiday every year. 

Final thoughts 

Everyone deserves the chance to be able to unwind. Life gets busy, and sometimes it can be difficult to take time to focus on yourself and your needs. But taking the time to focus on yourself and doing things that you enjoy and bring you joy can positively impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And this won’t only benefit you in your personal time, but in your work life as well. When you take the time to rest, relax, and do things you love, you can be more productive at work as it’s not all fun and no games. So, take this chance and apply for leisure finance and purchase the asset you deserve while you repay your monthly instalments in an affordable amount that will ensure it isn’t a financial burden to you. We hope this list gives you an idea of all the assets you can afford to add to your life. 


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