Huawei Band 3e Smartwatch Variant

Obsessed with a wide range of products, thinking of getting a fitness tracker but you are on the fence due to price concerns and related precursors. We have good news for you. Huawei band 3e meets all your demands and a lot more than you’d expect it to.  Huawei band 3e smart watch contains all those obvious and necessary features fulfilling your desired expectations.


Band body Size: 40.5mm x 14.8mm x 11.2mm. The wristband size is 226.15mm x 17.4mm. The size of the band fits completely to your wrist. Huawei band 3e is lightweight and Ni no band scars on your wrist and is easy to wear. Band body weight is 6g and wristband carries 11g. Sharp PMOLED, 0.5 inch displays battery health, time sequence which is a bold format in the center of the screen. Huawei band 3e has 384KB RAM with a built-in smartwatch that holds 14 days of battery health and 50m of water resistance. Huawei 3e band review is available in different colors such as grey, cyan, black, and pink, and yellow. In the case of the battery, Huawei does has its application, Huawei health that lets you see how you are doing on your steps and sleeping record.

Huawei band 3e has wrist and footwear mode along with a detachable body band that has a built-in 6-axis motion sensor with 97 percent accuracy.5 ATM water resistance is much suitable for all-day swimming hand-washing and showering. Provides you 14 days of typical usage within one charge. Huawei band 3e review is lightweight and portable and you can barely feel it on your wrist or foot. In a nutshell stay connected anytime and anywhere using a versatile and powerful suite of features such as smart motion tracking, sleep monitoring, and phone-connected alerts. And the most bountiful feature, you can locate your phone using the Bluetooth feature.


The Huawei band 3e holds its distinct value and pace in the field of modern is a revolutionary breakthrough in daily life exercise practices and sports wearables using a new Footwear mode. If we converge in simple words it is an application in the form of a smartwatch that provides precise running with the press of a button. Huawei 3e band serves you as a professional running coach and enables you to become a smarter runner with 7-data monitoring analyzing running form. Precise data helps you develop better posture and make running more efficient and effective. Smart wakeup system by the use of which you can set alarms. Do not disturb settings can be tuned or timed, so you don’t have to turn it off and on manually. Notification alerts are there where you can control which apps can show notifications or not. Another thing that you can perform with your Huawei band 3e is to get notifications from your phone. But the thing is that the Band itself does not show the notifications, or even which it’s coming from. It’s pretty annoying and you can turn off the feature.

To sum up the discussion and all features and reviews mentioned above, honestly, there is nothing much to say about the Huawei band 3e review because it’s a simple device. Its overall simple look and simple design make it great and comfortable. However, some features aren’t used such as it has only 384 KB RAM and 1MB of storage space. Remember it’s 1 “MB”, not “GB”. But one thing is its great performance and powerful processor.  Huawei band 3e does not go behind weak or lacking performance. It does all for what it was built to do. Message delivering notifications are hated but if you don’t care about message notifications, then go for Huawei 3e band. It’s a great device. So if you have been thinking about a fitness tracker, this band is still a great device. To make a record of your running and exercise, the Huawei band 3e is a wonderful device. Live a healthy life with Huawei band 3e.

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