How To Improve Customer Experience With Marketing Automation?

Customer Experience With Marketing

“Marketers know their ultimate job is to increase revenue. Marketing automation can help by generating more and higher quality leads, which will eventually turn into new customers.” – Glenster Report. Read on to find how to improve customer experience with marketing automation.

One of the industries and platforms that have changed drastically over the last few years is definitely that of marketing and advertising. Now, it comes  as no surprise that marketing and advertising is and always will continue to be one of the backbone of most businesses like Crunchgrade that are in the line of developing products/ services for the customers. After all it is one thing to spend all your resources to develop a product that is appealing to the customers, and another ball game altogether getting that product in the view of your prospective customers. 

Marketing and advertising are the processes through which customers can be introduced to a wide range of services and products that can be useful for them. A few years ago most of the marketing processes were such that they needed to be done manually. However, just like most other platforms have seen an upgrade thanks to the popularity of the internet and the other digital arenas, marketing too saw a gradual revamp in the way the normal day to day marketing processes were carried out. In not so many words Marketing Automation is the significant procedure through which technology is used in a productive and effective manner to take care of the repetitive tasks that need to be carried out on a day to day basis. It is a unique tool and platform that is used by organizations to design, execute and automate all time bound marketing operations that helps establish a better rapport with the customers. 

Irrespective of the type of organization you work for and the type of product/service you have to market in front of your target audience, the one factor that doesn’t change is the importance of giving a WOW customer experience to every customer who engages your services or buys your product. In fact if the latest trends are to be believed the overall percentage of how well your product fared is the gross result of the overall customer experience with marketing automation that you manage to provide to your customers. 

One of the major reasons why most marketing strategies are preferring to adopt the marketing automation strategy is because it helps them focus on the core strategies that directly influence and help them improve their CX. In the current scenario when a customer has so many options to choose from, it is very easy to lose a customer who feels that he is being used as just another sale figure and is not genuinely valued. According to the recent polls conducted by Kapow almost  68% customers tend to leave a brand because they feel the brands are indifferent to them. This is precisely why as a brand you need to inculcate marketing automation processes to help improve your overall CX. 

Listed below are some of the ways Marketing Automation can help you ace your CX each and every time. This is exactly how marketing automation helps you!

 brand loyal customers

Identifying your brand loyal customers: one big advantage that comes with marketing automation is that it helps you track your customers who are the most loyal and probably your biggest patrons. A large part of most of your branding and marketing strategies  is to make sure that you design them in a way that it appeals to the movers and shakers of your brand. Which is why with the help of marketing automation all you need to do is keep a track of the all the data of your loyal patrons and the rest will be comparatively easy

Personalizing customer interactions: one of the best ways of making a lasting impact on the minds of your customers is to make them feel valued and remembered. Now, it may be possible that initially you have just a few returning customers which is why it is easy to remember their preferences. However, as the number of customers increases it becomes almost impossible to keep a track of all customers individual likes and preferences. Worry no more, because with the help of marketing automation you now have a tool that will help you give the most personalized service each time a customer comes back to you wanting more. 

Your issues, our instant solutions: one reason why switching to marketing automation is because it helps give your customers instant solutions when they are facing any issues. Gone are the days when one had to wait for hours listening to the “on hold” music just to speak to a customer care representative. With the help of marketing automation, customers can instantly talk to one of the chatbots who asks the basic filtering questions post which they redirect it to the concerned customer care representative. No more waiting to hear automated messages and pressing numbers after numbers only to be listening to recorded messages in the end. With the help of marketing automation you can attend to the customers issues instantly and give them a solution as well. 

Deliver better and relevant content to customers: one additional means of reaching out to your customers is by doing things that keep them in the loop and keep them informed about everything that is happening on the company front. To make sure that this happens in the most personalized way, most automated marketing processes call for newsletters to be sent to their customers. This works in two ways – firstly your customers feel like a part of your company and secondly it will help you connect with them to find out exactly what they like and enjoy. These newsletters and even formal emails being sent is something that makes all the difference. Make sure you make them as personal as possible and not make it sound like just another promotional gimmick. 

Deliver the WOW experience with marketing automation: there is never room to think of any feedback as negative. In fact if your customers don’t give you feedback it can end up being more dangerous, because you will never find out where your going wrong. Hence, one of the clear agendas of any automated marketing tool is to gather feedback from the customers about how their experience has been with the company on the whole. Doing this will ensure that you are always two steps ahead, and if at all there are any issues or challenges that your customers have pointed out to you, you can immediately rectify them. All in all doing all this will help you deliver a WOW experience with marketing automation each  and every time. 

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