How to Create an Ad-Supported Streaming Service in 2023?

Ad-Supported Streaming Service

According to experts, paid subscriptions were a gateway to the widespread launch of video streaming services. But now, ad-supported streaming services have a chance to thrive. It refers to both AVOD and FAST streaming services. 

The shift from subscriptions to advertising happened in 2022 when large streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ introduced ad-supported subscriptions. We should note that subscriptions are still popular as a monetization model, but the advertising revenue-generating approach is catching up.

Since the demand is high, companies and organizations launch their own ad-supported services. Let’s observe how to do that and what things are essential to consider.

How to Create an Ad-based VOD Streaming Service?

#1 Obtain the right platform

One of the most essential steps on the way to launching your own VOD streaming platform is obtaining the right solution for it. When selecting, it is important to consider its functionality as it will define the way you operate. 

Pay attention to monetization mVOD streaming serviceodels, as developers can implement only one of them or all common monetization models into their solutions. It is better to have options even when you want to create an ad-based service. It might happen that you will want to add other pricing options in the future. 

Consider encoding/transcoding, CDNs, applications, customization, analytics, and other features you think are vital for your business.

#2 Decide on content

Content is king, and all other things don’t matter if viewers don’t like your content. This is why you should decide what content you want to produce. Will it be VOD or TV programs? What content genre do you want to stream? Will it be educational tutorials, news, or entertainment shows, series, and movies? Will you create it on your own or obtain it from other content providers?

To clarify more, understand your audience’s preferences. It will help you create a detailed content strategy.

#3 Think about monetization and partnerships

Do you focus only on advertising? Maybe, you will combine advertisements with any other monetization model and create a hybrid approach. Understanding how you will capitalize on content delivery is crucial. 

Anyway, the advertising-based monetization model means that you will run commercials on your videos. For this reason, you need to cooperate with advertisers to start generating money. Choose your partners wisely because not all offer high-quality products or services and are trustworthy. 

#4 Promote your service

Content, technology, and marketing are three elements that can lead your business to success. You need to inform people about your content and attract them to watch it. Understand what marketing channels your viewers potentially use and invest in them. There are the following options you can consider:

  • Social media marketing – multiple opportunities to build relationships with viewers, communicate with them, receive feedback, and generate sales.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – people make a plethora of requests every day. For this reason, you can use this marketing channel to make your website rank high in the search engine results pages.
  • Influencer marketing – influencers with many followers can tell about your service bringing multiple viewers to it.

#5 Launch, analyze, and enhance

After laying the groundwork, you can launch your streaming service and receive first data on its performance and user impressions. This information is vital for further improvements and the general growth of your business. 

Drawing the Line

Every step is crucial on the way to launching a streaming business. Think through all details thoroughly to operate smoothly. Remember to learn more about your viewers, their preferences, and their behavior. It will help you create more suitable content for them.

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