Highest-paying Tech and programming jobs for computer engineers in the USA

tech and programming jobs

Tech is the order of the day, and the amount of tech and programming jobs it has provided in the past decade is overwhelming. In fact, in a recent study, about 11.8 million jobs have been created in the US tech industry. Of this figure, about 261,000 were added in just a single year – 2019. In the past decade, the tech industry ranks 6th on the job creation list. 

As of 2018, a total of 40,500 tech startups were launched in the US alone. This makes it a total of 525,000 tech business establishments situated in the US. All these figures tell one thing, Tech is a primary mover in the job market. Now, many tech and programming jobs don’t even need you to have a degree; you need to have the required skill and technical know-how. 

Now, we know the jobs are there, but how about the pay. How well is the industry paying the people that put in so much work hours to make sure that things go smoothly for users? According to reports, median tech wages are 92% higher than median national salaries. This is good news for the tech community, as this proves that it is viable to invest your know-how and time. 

In this quick read, we would be taking a look at the highest-paying tech jobs in the United States of America. 

  • Software and Web Development

This is the highest paying job in the tech industry. This category is somewhat composed of three closely related posts, but they are still unique in their activities. These are software development, IT management, and web development. 

As a software developer, you need to be innovative and creative, without compromising on the technical ability. They get to create new solutions and write entirely new code for it. Software developers earn an average of $103,620. As an IT manager, you get to coordinate every activity related to the computers in an organization and earn an average of $142,530. 

Web developers also have the responsibility of creating the code that births the functionality of a website or a web app. They have an average salary of $69,430. 

These tech and programming jobs are in high demand, and if you are looking to start a career in Tech, this is an excellent place to start. 

  • Network Architects, Admins, and Support

Computer Network architects are those that handle the creation of structure and platforms on the internet. You get to make use of their products whenever you try to save something to the clouds. Someone made the platform, and he is a Network Architect. These architects don’t just compute cloud systems; they build and maintain a variety of data communication networks. 

They earn an average of $109,020

  • Systems & Cybersecurity Analysts

Cybercrime is on the increase. With this comes the need for specialists who are always on call to protect organizational systems and data. These experts create security frameworks, maintain them to protect every computer facility of an organization. 

System analysts have a slightly different from that explained above; they are somewhat diverse in what they can do. These professionals need to have the information technology and business skill. They have the job of designing systems and processes for their clients. 

A system analyst earns about $88,740 on an average, while the cybersecurity analyst makes about $98,350. 

  • Computer Support Specialists

These folks earn an average of $53,470, and they have the job of combining customer service with troubleshooting. When you have an issue with your computer, these specialists help proffer solutions and execute the troubleshooting. Even if you need to have the laptop opened, they are more than able to find their way to solving the problem without you having to return the laptop to the manufacturer. You don’t need a Bachelor’s degree to be able to do this. You need to know your way around computers

  • Data Administrators

When you hear the word “data,” a lot of things come to mind. But, these specialists don’t mind what you think of data. They are solely concerned with the usage and protection of data in their custody. They set up the database as per what the company wants, and they make sure it is user-friendly. 

They also go further to maintaining its operation and executing measures of security. They earn an average of $90,070. 

Final take

This is the 21st century, and the need of the world is changing. More than ever, the world needs tech workers to come into the scene to get more things done. There is so much room to having tech workers, as the problem tech needs to solve endlessly. Knowing what you want is essential, but searching for a job is not easy. To make it easier for yourself, start your search on Jobsora.

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