Gift ideas for a bachelorette party

Gift ideas for a bachelorette party

Your best gal pal tying the knot? Then you must be amped up for the Bachelorette party. If there is one thing that is characteristic of almost all weddings, it is that they involve so many gifts. Invited to the bridal shower? You’ll need to show up with a gift. Bachelorette party? You betcha! The actual wedding day? Yep!

But before you become frustrated and give up entirely, the good news is that it is a lot easier and much more fun to shop for a bachelorette gift than it is to shop for anything else. At bachelorette parties, gifts for the bride are not required but they are always welcome. Because they are not a must, don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of cash on gifts or goodies.

A lot of brides appreciate traditional gag gifts, which can be used by all the participants on a fun night out. Typically, these funny party favors don’t cost more than a few dollars for every person. Gag gifts such as silly sunglasses, funny printed caps, and tops, as well as mini bottles of liquor can help to make a bachelorette party more fun.

So if you have been invited to a bachelorette party and are wondering what gift to show up with, here are some great gift ideas for you:

An out of town trip

Rather than opt for a night out with all the bachelorette party staples; we’re talking tiaras, sashes and scavenger hunts, why not gift the bride with one final out of town fling before the ring? Depending on what the bride is into, there are numerous great destinations for a bachelorette party.

For instance, Napa Valley is an incredible option for any bride squad that wants to live it up. Characterized by gorgeous settings (read amazing Instagram worthy selfie and photo ops), an array of pampering opportunities, and copious amounts of wine, Napa Valley has everything that a squad needs to have an epic bachelorette party.

If you are looking to get a little further away, why not head out of Cabo, Mexico. Here, you will enjoy 350 days of pure sunshine, which is just the perfect weather for exploring what Los Cabos has to offer.

Host pole dancing lessons

Why settle for dinner at a restaurant when you can be fun and sexy at a pole dancing party? A lot of people wrongfully assume that pole dancing is something to be left for strippers and desperate women looking for attention in all the wrong places. 

But when you choose to ignore the exploitative stereotypes surrounding pole dancing, what you are left with is a fun and enjoyable activity that can help you bond with the bride to be. The great thing about hosting a pole dancing class is that every party can be customized to suit any budget or a group of people. 

During the class, the bride can learn a seductive pole dancing routine and plenty of sexy moves that will come in handy for the wedding night and the honeymoon.

Matching outfits

If you want to go for gifts that will not embarrass the bride or the bridesmaid, consider going for matching outfits like branded swimming suits or robes. Matching outfits like these can be worn in a low key and cool way. 

Stylish one-piece bathing suits that come stamped with a simple moniker such as ‘Bachelorette’ ‘Bride Squad’ and ‘Team Bride’ are extremely popular and make for great photoshoot props. And best of all, such bachelorette loot is by no means limited to clothing. You can also be creative with cute tote bags, makeup mirrors, and even champagne glasses to spice up your party.

Anything sexy and playful for the honeymoon

Since mum, the aunties plus grandma will probably be at the shower, the bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to give the bride something naughty and kinky. Think things such as lingerie, sex toys or dildos, or anything so bold that you have a hard time facing the cashier with a straight face when purchasing it is welcome. 

The bride to be and her husband will thank you for any naughty bachelorette gifts that are designed for both couples to use. Things such as massage oils or sexy dice come highly recommended. When giving sexy and naughty gifts, make sure that you cater to the bride’s personality. 

Just because something is fun and flirty to you doesn’t mean that the bride, who might be very shy, will be pleased to open such possibly embarrassing gifts in front of any friends and family in attendance.

Something special for keeps

Not all bachelorette gifts need to be outrageous and disreputable. Consider giving something that can be treasured by the bride instead. Giving something special such as a wish jar that the bride can use to store congratulatory notes and cards is a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

Custom paint a jar or a box and imprint it with the names of the bride and groom, as well as their wedding date. The box or jar can then be placed in a central location during the reception and the wedding guests will get an opportunity to write down their wishes for the couple before placing them in the jar for the newlyweds to peruse once they settle down after the wedding madness. You may also consider a pair of nice wedding themed socks

Final Words

What is the best part of planning a wedding you ask? It’s the bachelorette party, without a doubt! The job of finding the perfect bachelorette party gift typically means 2 things; you can either play it safe and grab something traditional such as glassware or jewelry or you can go the more personal and creative route and choose something funny and naughty.

Before you actually go ahead and purchase anything, you must weigh how close you are to the bride. Is a naughty and risqué gift something that she will appreciate or will it have you removed from the guest list? 

For most brides, being gifted something fun and naughty is expected for a bachelorette party. So if you are prepared to be bold, there has never been a better time to get creative with your gifts because you know it is true- that girls just wanna have fun.

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