Difference Between Injury And General Practice Attorney

The segment of law is pretty critical and confusing. So, if you’re stuck somewhere specific, opting for a general law practitioner wouldn’t be too helpful. 

Yes, you’re thinking correctly.

They, indeed, have expertise on different parts of law and order. But, due to their know-how being so much scattered, they can be considered as something of a “master of none.”

Hence, if you’ve been entangled in an injury case, opting for a general practitioner might not be too helpful for you. Instead, you must choose someone who’s specifically knowledgeable in the same aspect – an injury attorney.

But, how much different are they – an injury lawyer and a general practice attorney?

We will talk about it in this article in an elaborate manner. However, before that, let’s learn a little bit about where their individuality lies.

Who Is A General Practice Lawyer?

During the beginning phase of learning, a lawyer tries to read and learn about a wide range of legal specialties. They usually do it until they’ve garnered more experience and know-how. 

General law practitioners are generally found in smaller communities where they can provide their expertise in smaller and less-obnoxious cases.

Now, once you’ve gathered enough experience and knowledge, you can then try to specialize in a single area, like injury law.

Who Is A Personal Injury Attorney?

A personal injury attorney can help you in case you’ve suffered an injury due to someone and want to sue them lawfully. After all, when you’re facing a gigantic medical bill or strained finances, you can’t really opt for a general practitioner.

They can help you –

  • Protect Your Interest And Rights: If you’re dealing with an insurance company, your lawyer will be there to protect your rights and get you the money you deserve. They can also take care of the payout in the best way possible.
  • Evaluate The Damage: A personal injury lawyer can evaluate the damage you have suffered because of them and create a case from scratch. They will also calculate the medical expenses and add it in the suing documentation.
  • Manage Your Entire Case: Filing an injury case will require a proper understanding of injury law-related guidelines and rules. So, if you don’t have an adequate amount of know-how about it, you have to opt for an injury lawyer.

An Injury Attorney And General Lawyer – The Differences 

At this point, it’s become quite evident that a general lawyer and an injury attorney are pretty different, mainly when it comes to their expertise. But we’ll still point out a few distinctions between them here to make your understanding easier.

Difference – 1: Operating Area

As mentioned before, a general attorney can offer their expertise in almost any segment of the law. However, due to their limited know-how, they might not be the best option if you require their assistance in something more specific.

On the other hand, an injury lawyer is specifically trained to offer their aid in the segment of injury law. Their area of expertise may lie in one or all of the following –

  • Motorcycle accident,
  • Medical and hospital-related issues.
  • Dental and work-related injuries.
  • Battery, rape, or assault.

Difference – 2: Provided Service

As a specialist, the job of an injury lawyer will not be limited to offering their help in solving your case. In addition to that, they’ll also find out the nooks and crannies regarding the whole incident to strengthen your claim.

Like an injury attorney, a general lawyer would also be with you till the end of your case. However, depending on the claim and their expertise, they may or may not try to learn about the background of the case. They’ll depend on the information you’ve provided in that case.

What Should You Look For In An Injury Attorney?

As they’re invested in a single segment, hiring an injury attorney can be a tricky subject. If you don’t get enough information about them, it’ll be almost impossible for you to find the best option for your case. Hopefully, the following tips can help you out.

  • First things first; ask the lawyer about their experience. Accept their service only if they have been on the field for five years or more. Getting a less-experienced option might help you with handling your expenses. But, it might affect the outcome as well.
  • The price of an injury attorney is going to be a little higher than a general lawyer. Thus, if you have a tight budget, you have to keep an eye on that. Asking about the fees, especially the hidden ones, as soon as possible can help.
  • Learn about the services provided by the lawyer. Usually, an injury attorney will stay with you till the end. Besides, they may do some detective work as well, depending on if your case requires it or not. So, be sure to ask them about it before hiring.
  • Check the website of the attorney to learn about their past experience. How did they perform in the previous case? Did their client win? If so, how many days it took them to solve the issues? These are the questions you have to find the answer to.
  • Finally, an injury lawyer should be excellent with their communication. They must understand the stand of their clients and make a note of everything. Besides, their ability to ask questions should be top-notch as well.


So, that’s all for this article.

We hope we could convey the difference between an injury attorney and a general practice lawyer to some extent. However, if you still have any queries or suggestions for us, don’t forget to list them down in the comment section.

We will definitely go through the same, and discuss it with you.

Have a great day ahead!

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