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Oktane Energy was founded by Toni Covington (former bodybuilder) and ISupreme Watkins (Marine Corps Veteran). They are black-owned, and family operated business based in MD.​​​​​​​​ We came up with the idea to produce an energy drink that is not only great for the everyday on-the go athlete, but the everyday working person as well. We wanted to develop a drink that is 0 calories, 0 sugars, and fuel efficient without the jitters or fillers.

We believe in quality, authenticity, and transparency. With our customers at our core, we stand by each formula. We are committed to sourcing the purest ingredients and developing brands that are successful in the market. They also encourage the health and wellness of consumers that they reach.


Oktane Energy Drink is made with clinically proven ingredients that accelerate your metabolism and provide essential energy.  This carbonated drink of choice has the perfect balance of flavor and energy that serves as an amazing boost for active or busy lifestyles. The problem we encountered in the industry is that many energy drinks lack proper nutrients, loaded with sugars and contains toxic fillers. How we are solving the problem, we are committed to sourcing the purest ingredients that also encourage the health and wellness of consumers that they reach. we are uniquely qualified to pull this off because we have interacted in the fitness/wellness industry for over 10 years, which makes us highly qualified to develop this brand with great conviction. We have partnered with the USPC, the World Powerlifting Federation, The NPC, and now approved to represent Oktane Energy at the world-renowned Mr. Olympia.

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Apparently, yes.

This is Oktane’s big selling point, that their proprietary blend is so potent and 

Here’s a short summary:

  1. Metabolic response: a single serving of Oktane was found to have more thermogenic properties than a single serving of diet sodaA 12% increase in metabolic response was found over a three-hour period.
  2. Acute effects on changes in energy expenditure and markers of lipolysis: participants who took one serving of Oktane burned 100 more calories over three hours than those who took placebos.
  3. Efficacy and safety over 28 days: over a four-week testing period, participants continued to burn an average of 100 more calories a serving without any adverse side effects.
  4. Weight Loss in overweight women: a serving of Oktane made significantly better fat losses and muscle mass gains for overweight women compared to those who only exercised.
  5. Sedentary Men & Activity Endurance: sedentary men who drank Oktane before a moderate exercise program (five days a week) experienced 76% greater fat loss than those who only exercised.

It looks like Oktane does have a strong effect on triggering weight loss when taken before exercise. Oktane can certainly be an effective addition to a pre-workout plan. 


Oktane Energy is very healthy to drink.

It contains zero sugar, zero calories, no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Not a trace of high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. Oktane is Certified Vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified. Oktane is Gluten Free. Oktane is non-GMO.

But, always remember not to overdo it with any energy drink. Moderation is key to avoiding potential side effects. 

Furthermore, here’s a brief summary of what’s inside a can of Oktane Energy Drink

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Oktane tastes pretty awesome, actually.

This is where Oktane Energy Drink earns my money. I tried their flagship flavor Watermelon-Kiwi and was a huge fan. Crisp, refreshing, light, without any sickly or cloying flavor that you find in a lot of energy drinks. Sparkling Watermelon tastes like a classy crisp soda.

The comparison – 100mg of caffeine in a single serving is great. It’s less than Monster (160mg) and 3D (200mg).

It’s no surprise that Oktane will be a big hit in the market, especially with the hype that it’s gaining already. Establishing in August of 2021, and ready to launch on the market Late April of 2022. With already having sponsorship with the USPC and gaining a spot with the world’s biggest fitness festival Mr. OLYMPIA. They have gained over 10k on social media apps like Tik-Tok and gaining traction with fitness influencers. 

It’s certainly managed to convince the market that they mean business and the marketing team is a well-oiled machine. Overall Oktane Energy is a brand to be on the look out for. It’s fresh, innovative, sleek, and brings a refreshing visual to the Energy Drink Industry. 


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