10 Best Places to Visit in the World After Pandemic

Best Places to Visit in the World

We’re really blessed that our world has so many wonderful and exciting places we can visit. Be it the natural beauties or the splendid architectural work- there is so much more. You’ll definitely have a jaw-drop when you see how incredibly beautiful our Mother Earth is. It’s true that you’ll probably have to shorten your travel bucket list by a little. If you’re thinking how you need to make your list a short. We’re here to help! We’ve really got for you some of the best places to visit in the world that you’ll love visiting. Aren’t you ready to what the best countries to visit are?

The Best Places to Visit in the World

You’ll find the world to be so diverse and has such wonderful and beautiful places to go to, that you might be in a dilemma. But we’ve done our homework, keeping in mind the thoughts of a true explorer.

As list of best places to visit in the world goes forward below, you’ll find places that are a must-see and are incredibly beautiful. So, go through the list below and then get ready to book your tickets.

Some of the best places are:

1. Washington DC, USA

Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. The initial DC stands for District of Columbia. You will find this place to be an extremely beautiful city. Right from being a place for tourist attraction to be a hub of cultures and artifacts. The two of the most quintessential buildings are the Capitol Building and the White House. You’ll find the famous Pennsylvania Avenue street connecting these two buildings. It’s quite a spacious city with museums and monuments at every corner. Washington has a culture and beauty of its own. Once you walk around the streets of this iconic city, you’ll surely love the heritage it has. The greens and beautiful old style-built houses will remind you of the culture this city owns. Whenever you think about visiting this beautiful metropolitan city, plan your trip around autumn or spring. Summers can be extremely humid.

Best Places to Visit in the World

2. Egypt, Pyramids of Giza

If you just hear the name Egypt, we’re sure the first thing that comes your mind is Pyramids of Giza. It’s the center of attraction the city has. If you really think about the dust and heat, it’s absolutely trivial against the iconic beauty the city offers.

Pyramid of Cheops is basically the largest one in the Giza collection. You can then visit the Pyramid of Khufu or you can even call it the Great Pyramid. Once you enter the pyramids, you’ll slowly be guided into the slender sections that will lead you to the Solar Boat Gallery. Other pyramids towards the south are the Pyramid of Chephren or also known as the Pyramid of Khefre. You’ll find another mystifying home known as Sphinx that has the face of a pharaoh. It’s one of the most fascinating antique places the world homes. Egypt is one the best places to visit in the world for historians, archeologists and historian enthusiasts.

3. Ireland, Galway

You must consider Ireland to be one of the best places to visit in the world if you love parties and music. Galway is a sparkling bohemian and adventurous city of Ireland. You’ll find some colorful and lively pubs here. Live music is quite common in these cafes and can offer front seats to music lovers. They can gleefully watch their favorite buskers over a mug of beer.

Galway is also a hub of cultural activities. You will find renowned bands performing on Saturday nights, dance programs, theater shows and so much more. When you’re in this enthusiastic city, you’ll just have to ask your eyelids not to shut for some time. Long night parties with bright and lovely colors are the life of this city. It’s one of the best places to visit in the world if you love partying. So, being a party-lover hasn’t Galway reached the top of your list?

Ireland, Galway

4. Italy, Florence

You can just call Florence the City of Character. Being the capital city of Tuscany, it is known for its cultural heritage and rich history. The city also has excellent ballet companies, theatrical performances, and art museums. If you stroll around the city of Florence you will be quite keen over greenery too. It has got very closely built counties that are also packed with trails and parks.

You can even call Florence the center for culture, fashion, and international trade too. It’s got a mixture of historic and modern cultures. From the thousand-year-old painting and trendiest fashion, you’ll get it all here. You will find this city to be the correct example of a fusion of historic and modern culture. So, don’t delay booking you’re tickets to Italy.

5. Mauritius, Mauritius

It’s among the top 10 places in the world for going on a honeymoon. The beautiful lush green, white sand beaches, bright blue waters, and luxurious resorts will simply leave you in awe.

Mauritius is basically an island that volcanically erupted. So, coral reefs that are brightly colored and vast land is what you’re going to find there. You’ll find some exciting water sports out there like scuba diving and snorkeling.

How about some trekking on your honeymoon? You can actually trek till the Les 7 cascades. It’s a forest that has 7 waterfalls. Even though Mauritius is known for its outstanding scenic beauty, it also has great museums and a fascinating history.

Even more, it’s got a fantastic nightlife. You can even do lots of shopping in Mauritius too. More so, the food is absolutely relishing. With diverse flavors of India, Europe, and China, the taste is absolutely impeccable. Being the best places to visit in the world what’s holding you from booking your tickets to Mauritius?


6. India, Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the best places to visit in India. You’ll will find this place to be the right example that explains confluence of cultures. The city roads are lively, vivid, noisy but you just cannot deny the warmth of this place. Kolkata is also called the City of Joy, and it lives up to the name by all means.

The city owns a spirit and beauty that you’ll feel at soon as you step into this place. You can enjoy the cacophonic markets and soothing peaceful sunsets both at the same time. Long parks, boat rides, cruises, and long drives are another side of this city holds.

If you’re someone you who loves to study heritage and culture, Kolkata should definitely be on your list. You’ll find this city to much like an onion! The culture and heritage layers go deep and you just cannot uncover everything in one trip.

Apart from the cultural side, Kolkata has huge mansions, museums, cemeteries that have a royal past. You’ll find theatres, classical shows, magic shows, exhibitions, fairs all in this city.

There is another side to this mysterious city, that it’s nightlife. You can put on your dancing shoes and party all night here. How can you simply leave the cuisine? Every corner of this city has scrumptious and tasty food stalls. Moreover, the famous Bengali cuisine is something you just cannot miss when you’re in Kolkata!

7. Australia, Sydney

If you’re a beach lover, then Sydney is one of the best places to visit in the world. You can make a short trip to this city in Australia and be sure your travel bug will be happy.

With beautiful monuments, lush green gardens, and popular localities, this city can offer you a lot. You can be a traveler of any kind but Sydney will not disappoint you. Every person visiting this place will definitely have something that will be special for them to take back.

You can enjoy the culture, scenic beauty, amusement parks, zoos, vast beaches, and a lovely nightlife. Do you really need anything more from a vacation?


8. California, San Francisco

If you really want to see the best cities in the United States, then San Francisco is the greatest vacation you can go for. You can just not get bored when you’re in this golden city. Just call San Francisco a fusion of culture and entertainment, and you won’t go wrong!

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic place that covers the bay area. You can try out the beautiful cruises across the ocean, and you’ll simply love it. Even the Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf are other attractions of this beautiful city.

The city even offers a diverse range of museums from the Walt Disney Museum to the Exploratorium. Moreover, this city also has some open spaces you can enjoy the nature in.

You even won’t be disheartened were shopping in concern. It’s got the only Chinatown out of Asia. Shoppers just simply love to go shopping out here. Even more, the nightlife here is fantastic.

When you’re traveling to one of the best places in the world, nothing in it can disappoint you. You’ll have a trip to remember all your life.

9. Indonesia, Bali

Isn’t Bali already on your travel list? Does the name of Bali remind of beaches? Well, that’s not just all! It has galore of tradition and cultures. The beautiful scenic rice terraces will leave you amazed.

It has some exotic temples, the coastline is endless and coral reefs are the world’s best. You can call your trip to Bali adventurous and for leisure both. From partying to spiritual activeness, it’s an all in one package. All over the world people come and just plunge themselves here.

You can even enjoy some lovely views of sunrises and sunsets. The traditional village, Ubud offers so much for you to see. You can have some adventurous water sports here as well.

Local beaches, dolphins play, waterfalls, local markets, evening boat rides, yoga sessions you can get it all here. The mysticism of this island really deserves the name – ‘The Island of the Gods’.

10. Peru, Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is right at the top of the Andes mountain in Peru. It is considered as a very new ruin discovery. Archeologists, historical enthusiasts and historians remain absolutely astonished with look of the Incan ruins.

Since there is a mystery that this place has, historian keep their contradictory opinions till date. More to the mystery of this place is The Temple of the Sun that is designed in a way so that rays of the sun enter the complex patterned windows. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, the panoramic view Huayna Picchu peak offers are just awe-inspiring. If you love trekking this place will give you an experience for life. Travelers all year round visit this place to explore the Incan heritage of Peru. You just need to visit this place once in your life, and you’re going to book you’re tickets to Peru every year!

Best Places to Visit in the World

10 Best Tips for Travelling

Now you’ve got a short list of the best places to visit in the world. So, before you start planning your vacation why don’t you take some tips from us?

Here are some easy and quick tips you can keep in mind while travelling:

  • Always travel light/Use a backpack
  • Carry your passport and money/cards in your waist bag
  • Don’t forget to take emergency medicines/insect sprays
  • Keep your navigation map at hand, just in case you lose your way
  • Charge your phone and power bank
  • Keep a hand towel and wet wipes always with you
  • Carry an empty bottle of water always
  • Digitalize your boarding pass, in case you lose it
  • Just drop in a few energy bars in your backpack
  • Avoid travel with fragile items

There are many more factors you need to keep in mind while traveling. But the tips above are the most important ones you must keep note of.

Last Thoughts

As we come to end of our blog, don’t you feel that the world has much to show us. Even a lifetime isn’t enough. But you can always start with the best places we’ve given you here. You’ll find each of these places to be completely different in terms of beauty, culture, heritage and diversity.

It’s obvious that there are many more places to visit but you can start off with the top 10 places in the world. Without a delay, follow the tips above, pack your bags, and get your itinerary done! Watch all these exotic and beautiful places. Uncover all the adventurous activities and gather the experiences for a lifetime!

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