Some Guidelines to Make Your Economics Essay Great

Your Economics Essay

Economics is a complex subject and writing an economics essay can be a challenging task. This is because writing it requires a comprehensive approach. And even if you have chosen an economics major, it does not necessarily mean that your economics essay writing skills are great. You will need to research, plan, and structure it well if you want it to be good. Following are some guidelines that will make it easier for you to write an economics essay as well as ensure that it is great:

Prewriting Strategies

Read and Understand the Main Theme

Before you research and write, it is highly recommended that you read your tutor’s instructions and completely understand the main theme of the essay. If it is complicated and large, then break it into parts. If the theme or question is still not clear, consult with your tutor.

Do Some Research

The best place to do the research is your textbook. It will allow you to gain an overall understanding of the topic. It is also recommended that you use your class notes for this purpose. After these, going online would be a good idea as it will help you gain access to some other key reading materials.

Plan Your Essay

Create an outline first so that you are able to fully and clearly unwrap your ideas. Creating an outline for an economics essay is an art itself and requires practice. Many institutions like JC ECONOMICS TUITION in Singapore teach this skill in order to help students excel in economics essay writing. So, if you are struggling with the outline, be sure to acquire expert help. An economics essay outline starts with key arguments.

Structuring the Essay

Once you are finished with prewriting strategies, it is time to consider the structure of the essay. There are three main parts of an essay structure i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion. When creating this structure, keep the following things in mind:

  • Use just one paragraph for both introduction and conclusion if your essay is not very long.
  • Always express your ideas and arguments in the body section.
  • Be sure to make your idea flow throughout the paragraphs.
  • Always have the word count in mind when writing the essay.

Writing Process


Introduction, as the name suggests, is the initial part of an economics essay that introduces the topic to the reader and offers some background. Your introduction of the essay should clarify what the essay is all about and why it is important. Don’t forget to include the thesis statement as it is your main idea and key argument around which you will develop your work.

Body Section

The body section of the essay explains and develops the thesis statement. So, each and every paragraph in this section should address a solid issue, assessment, and conclusion. As mentioned before, keeping a constant flow is important so make sure that the paragraphs naturally develop your topic. For example, you can begin by discussing some issue’s reasons, then move to the consequences, and finally assess the bonds. All your paragraphs should have an introductory sentence, assessment, and conclusion. You will also need to provide evidence as it is the core of an economics essay. Don’t forget to cite the sources. For example, you may refer to the reputable The Economist source. It makes your research more trustworthy and objective.


After you have expressed all your arguments in the body section of the essay, it is time to write the conclusion. In this part of the essay, you will need to restate your thesis statement and summarize everything that has been written before. A well-written, clear conclusion is the one that summarizes everything you have written in your essay. This means you will need to sum basically everything up to give the readers a thorough understanding of your research and ideas.

Post-Writing Strategies

Once you have written the essay, you will need to read it carefully as it is likely that it will need some revisions. This is where post-writing techniques will come in handy. They are an important part of economics essay writing. In fact, if you search how to write an economics essay, you will find that they are part of virtually every tutorial or guideline. Start by reading the essay and find out if there are parts in the essay that are not very relevant to the main theme. Remove them if you think they are not needed. Also, fix any logical issues, mistakes, or anything like that. It would be a good idea to have someone review your work. This will help you determine if your argument is interesting and clear enough.

These are some of the guidelines that you should follow when writing an economics essay. They will surely help you ensure that you compose better academic content.

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