J-something Speaks on African Women on Stage

His appearance on stage alone made the female audience rise on their toes screaming out loud as they could not resist his handsome features. Doing the sbunjwa jozi dance, Mi Casa lead vocalist J-Something drew a lot of attention at the 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale, Harare, last week.

Leading his renowned South African multi-award winning group, the trio opened its act with one of its popular songs, ‘Turn You On’ which mostly thrilled the female audience which was dominating during the show.

Mi Casa also performed ‘Chocolate’ which saw J-Something demystify the concept of the song while attributing the lyrical content to the beauty of African women.
“. . . you know many people have a misconception of a ‘chocolate’ girl as they refer the term to a dark skinned girl. As such many people think this song was dedicated to dark skinned ladies only, whereas my concept of a ‘Chocolate’ girl in the song refers to all different types of beautiful women in Africa.

“Be it dark skinned, light skinned, white, colored or caramel skinned ladies,” said J-Something in the middle of performing a chorus of ‘Chocolate’ while instruments of the song continued but with a lower tone and the absence of a trumpet.

“Get the wrapping off you, you got my mouth watering, glass of milk I’ll be needing vanilla, dark, hazelnut (singing) . . . you see this part is where I like the most When we talk of a vanilla, it refers to our white Africa ladies and when it comes to dark chocolate we mean the beautiful dark skinned ladies we have in Africa,” he said with an Afrikaans tone.

His impromptu speech was supported by a few ladies within the crowd who suited the descriptions he made as he asked them to stand up to support the act.

“In Africa we have all sense of beauty and just as much as we all have our preferences with chocolate so is our preferences when it comes to beauty. Some prefer bitter, while others prefer sweet, in between and coco caramel, if you know what I mean . . . ,” added J-Something with a naughty face.

“The in-between and coco caramel are the beautiful colored African women. With this notion, it therefore means, every girl is a chocolate, a choco choco. Every lady in here is a chocolate and thus this song is dedicated to all of ya’ll.”

J-Something gave a thumbs up for African women who keep their body structure natural over women who get artificial buttocks and boobs.

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