How to Enable Camera Access on Instagram

how to enable camera access on instagram

The most used app in the current generation is Instagram. From the young generation to elders, everyone is on Instagram. But sometimes, you tend to not know about Instagram. While using Instagram, some settings need to be checked. While downloading Instagram, you might not have noticed the settings. Instagram requires permission through some of the programs on your phone. Only if you accept it, you will be able to use your Instagram without any assistance. But the question is, if you do not permit Instagram, what will happen? Like that, many of the users tend to not access the camera on Instagram. So, what should be done to access the camera on Instagram? Now, to find your answers to your questions, keep scrolling and reading through the blog –how to enable camera access on Instagram!

how to enable camera access on instagram

Why the camera is disabled on Instagram?

When you install Instagram, you might have noticed that it asks for some permissions. What is that permission that Instagram asks for?

Instagram asks to grant access to the gallery, microphone, contacts, and camera. There is more data access that Instagram requires. Users to protect their data, deny all the access that Instagram asks for. Among that the users tend to neglect reading what Instagram is asking to grant access to. So, even the camera access is then denied by the user on Instagram.

Thereafter, you cannot access the camera or your camera is disabled on Instagram.

how to enable camera access on instagram

Can Instagram get access to the Camera?

If you have been using Instagram for quite some time, you should know that Instagram allows you to take pictures. To take pictures, you need to have the access to the camera on Instagram.

In case you have denied Instagram access to the camera, you can still access it. In both IOS as well as Android, you can enable your camera access on Instagram again. And then, you can use the camera feature on Instagram whenever you want.

For enabling your camera on Instagram through IOS and Android, you need to follow the set of Instructions. To know the Instructions, scroll down through the Blog.

Steps to Access Camera on Instagram in Android

If you are an Android phone user, you need to follow these steps to grant camera access to Instagram. Read the instructions carefully to enable your camera on Instagram.

  1. Go to Settings on your Phone.
  2. Then look for Manage Apps in your Settings.
  3. After opening Manage apps, you will find a Search Bar at the top.
  4. Type Instagram on that Search Bar.
  5. Open Instagram.
  6. You will find an option as App Permissions.
  7. After opening app permissions, you will find different options like Microphone, gallery as well as Camera.
  8. You might notice that the toggle bar beside the apps mentioned is turned off.
  9. Click on the Toggle beside the camera and you will notice it turning green.
  10. You have now enabled the camera access on your Instagram.

To check if the camera is working or not, you can just go to Instagram and try using the camera. If the camera is not coming black, you have successfully enabled your camera.

Steps to Access Camera on Instagram in IOS

There is not much difference between Android and IOS when it comes to accessing the camera on Instagram. All you need to do is follow this set of instructions given below step by step.

Step 1

Go To settings on your phone.

Step 2

You will find a Search Bar and there you type Instagram.

Step 3

After opening Instagram, you will find different apps too that Instagram wants access to.

Step 4

Give access to the apps that Instagram requires access to.

Step 5

Make sure you turn the toggle bar on for the camera as well.

Step 6

Once done, you can see that you can enable your camera on Instagram.

To ensure that your camera is working smoothly, Open Instagram and try using your camera. If the camera option is not going black, that means that you have successfully enabled your camera.

What to do if the Camera is still disabled on Instagram?

If you have been granted access to Instagram for camera access and it is still not working, you need to check a few things first. You first need to ensure that the Instagram you are using, is up to date or not. If it is not, you need to update your Instagram first. Then only, you can easily use your camera through Instagram.

Here are the steps you need to follow to update your Instagram:

Step 1

Go to Playstore or AppStore as per your phone requirements.

Step 2

Search for Instagram in that app through the search bar.

Step 3

Click on Instagram and open it.

Step 4

You will find an option for an update on Instagram.

Step 5

Click on the update option on Instagram. You will find that your Instagram is updated. If your Instagram is already updated, you will find that the update is not available on Instagram. In case, you still cannot access your Instagram, you might take it to some mobile store. Or you can write a complaint on the Instagram website.

Final Thoughts

If you are now able to access your camera on Instagram, you can easily click pictures directly through Instagram. Just follow the steps and it will become easier for you to follow.

Let us know if the blog – how to enable camera access on Instagram was helpful to you or not. And also, if the steps were easy to understand or follow for you or not. Share this blog with those who cannot enable their camera on Instagram!

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