Healthy Food Habits for Our Kids: Where Do We Begin?

People should eat not because they are hungry but because they need the energy to think, grow, and work. It is crucial to eat the right food to get the right amount of all the required nutrients, such as fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Parents are responsible for what their adult kids consume because everything depends on habits. Only the correct baby feeding schedule guarantees the development of healthy food habits in our kids. Read the article to find out how to do that right.

Choose Organic Baby Formula

As a rule, a kid gets all the required nutrients with breast milk, but breastfeeding isn’t for everyone. Consequently, parents must select the best baby formula to help their children develop healthy eating habits. The baby formula must be without chemicals, GMOs, flavors, artificial stabilizers, and sugar. The formula must be 100% natural with lactose as the primary source of carbs, and the ratio of whey and casein should be 60:40. If your child is intolerant, baby food should be 100% whey because it’s easier to digest. Moreover, goat’s formula is promised to be less allergic and heavy.

Kids Should Associate Meals with Something Pleasant

Children should feel comfortable when having meals. The best option is to have family meals where all the members talk peacefully and are in a good mood. Parents are the best example for their children, so their eating habits should also be healthy. Your daily menu should include various vegetables, cereals, fruit, fresh water, eggs, berries, meat, fish, nuts, and greenery. Parents should vary meals, making them healthy and attractive. For example, one can combine various colors, use honey instead of sugar or rice flour instead of wheat flour, and carve animals out of veggies. 

Involve Your Kids in Cooking

Kids cannot hate food they cook by themselves. Parents should let children join them in shopping and cooking. Parents and kids should create shopping lists and daily menus together to avoid misunderstandings. Besides, kids can watch good cartoons about healthy dieting and cooking. Moreover, one should process food correctly, which means boiling, baking, and grilling food instead of frying and using too much oil and animal fats. Vegetables and fruit must be better raw, and meat mustn’t be bloody. Cooking rituals should be entertaining, letting a child avoid stress and love healthy food.

Keep to a Healthy Eating Schedule

A proper baby feeding schedule helps a child have a good appetite and strive for nourishing meals. Infants must eat the required portion of organic baby food every three hours, not earlier. Toddlers should have healthy snacks like smoothies, energy bars, sandwiches with whole grain bread, fruit or vegetable salads, cereal with berries, or organic biscuits with milk or yogurt. Such snacks are nourishing and full of vitamins and minerals. 

Water Instead of Other Drinks

Coffee and strong tea must be excluded from kids’ daily ration because they are full of caffeine that hurts the neurological system. Sweets and drinks like soda or juice mustn’t be regular because they contain too much sugar, which leads to indigestion, obesity, and diabetes. Water is the best beverage for both humans and animals. For example, infants don’t need extra water until they are six months old, but they should drink from half to one glass of water daily. Toddlers need 1 to 5 cups a day, depending on their weight and age.


Parents should spend enough time and effort to develop healthy eating habits in their kids. They must do that from the first days of their kid’s life to promise a proper attitude toward food when kids become adults.

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