Best Ways to Get Google Play Credits and More in 2021

gift cards and google play credits are someof the prizes you can redeem from reward points.

Google Play credits will earn you gifts and even real money that you can use to purchase several items online. You will be able to purchase various gift cards depending on the number of credits that you have. Depending on the number of points you have, you will be able to earn various prizes.

Apps to use to get free Google play credits

Listed below are several ways in which you can earn free google play credits:


Swagbucks is among the most popular apps to get free google play credits. You can earn points through Swagbucks, which can be converted into credits. You can earn these points by participating in surveys, shopping online, playing games, streaming clips and videos, or even just using the internet.


Mistplay allows you to earn free google play credits by playing games that you download on your mobile using this app. The more games that you play, the more credits you will earn.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys will enable you to earn free credits just by giving your view in the various surveys put out there by this marketing community. All you will need to do is to provide them with a few personal details so that they can connect you with surveys that are best suited for you.

Other apps that you can use to earn Google Play credits and more are:


You can also use S’more to earn free google play credits by allowing ads when you unlock your phone. It is more like getting paid to use your phone.

how to earn free google credits


Bananatic enables you to earn reward points by participating in gaming adventures, sharing posts and blogs online, shopping online, writing articles, testing phone applications, making videos, and even watching sponsor ads. When you play games using this app, you will be able to earn many reward points, referred to as bananas, which you can later redeem for various prizes. Among the reward options, you can choose to redeem for google play credits.

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Google Play credits and more can also be earned from:


InstaGC is translated to mean Instant Gift Cards. You will be able to win points by watching videos, participating in surveys, shopping online, or just surfing the internet using this app. Bonus points are also up for grabs, where you will be able to earn ten free points when you sign up for this app. Take note that 100 points are equivalent to $1 in gift cards. You will also be able to earn points when you refer a friend to this app, approximately 110 points. Then, the option to redeem these points will become viable.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards allows you to earn instant google play credits when you complete their surveys. These surveys enable you even to earn real money of up to $1. The survey team will send you as many surveys as possible, as long as you are willing to participate in them.


MobileXpression is also another app that you can use to earn reward points every week. All android and iOS gadgets are fit for this app, enabling you also to earn gift cards. Amazon gift cards are available for $5 each, in the instance where a google gift card is missing. You can then redeem your Amazon gift card to get google play credits.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny allows you to win reward points when selling or buying gift cards on this app. Reading emails from this app is also another way to earn reward points. You may choose to redeem these points for gift cards or google play credit.

You will also be able to earn reward points from games and surveys on:


google play credits and more

When you use AppNana, you will be able to earn points, referred to as nanas, by downloading video games and applications using this app. You will be able to earn 400 points when you access your account daily. Games like Candy Crush enable you to earn nanas by just playing it. You can also download the Facebook app by using AppNana to earn more points. You can then redeem these points for google play credits.

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Harris Poll

Harris Poll carries out survey polls for some of the big media companies in the world. You will be able to voice your opinions on this app while you earn google play credits. All you will need to do is to participate in their surveys.


google play credits and more

With Viggle, you will be able to earn reward points when you watch TV programs and movies on your TV or using a streaming app. Viggle will roll out trivia contests in which if you answer their questions correctly, you will be able to win google play credits, among other prizes.

How Fetch Rewards will enable you to get Google Play credits

google play credits and more

Fetch Rewards enables you to earn points when you purchase groceries every week. A user will be able to earn points by just scanning your receipt from the store. You can then look for matches of the commodities bought by linking the food and drinks brands. You can also earn points by scanning receipts of other commodities other than groceries, but the points are few. Personally, you may choose to redeem your points for gift cards when they amount to a balance of $3 or continue to earn more points to be able to redeem google play credits which are available from $10.

Steps to redeem your google play credits

You will only be able to redeem credits according to the ones you purchase. You will be able to redeem your google play credits on Google Play applications. First, you will need to access the Google Play website or application. Secondly, you will need to search for the “Redeem” tab then select it. Lastly, you will need to insert your Gift Code on the pop-up tab.

How to spot Google Play credit Scams

Some of the common signs to look out for include the grammar used in that site. If it is flawed and has no significant significance, you need to avoid it as it might be a scam. It would be best if you also avoid sites that ask for your credit card number when you have not bought anything using it, those that require you to send additional personal information other than your name and address, and those sites that claim to have code hacks.

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