Does extra time count in betting? Full Guide to betting in Extra Time


Does extra time count in betting? 

In the conditions of constant competition in the sports betting sphere, bookmakers are forced to create comfortable conditions for bettors. One of the main criteria that punters use for evaluating a bookmaker is the line. Therefore, a lot of betting sites pay exceptional attention to the types of bets they offer to their customers. Most bookies offer the possibility to make full time bets.

For example, a standard football match lasts 90 minutes and is divided into two halves with forty-five minutes. This is a full time which cannot be reduced. That is why most of the time punters place their bets within this timeframe. However, sometimes injuries, violations, substitutions, the behavior of fans, etc. may happen which takes time in the process of the game. For this reason, referees may decide to compensate for the previously taken and add a few other minutes to the match which is called stoppage time. 

But the thing is that it is still considered to relate to the full time. However, sometimes in the big tournaments, a game may end in a draw and that is why the referee is forced to add extra time to the match in order to determine the champion which could be, for instance, thirty minutes (two halves, fifteen minutes each. So, in this article, you will discover whether extra time does count in betting and what it is precisely. 

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Can you make bets in extra time? 

This is the most often asked question by bettors, but there it is quite difficult to get a definite answer “yes” or “no” to it. The reason for that is that different bookmakers have their own policies and rules. Accordingly, some bookmakers count only those goals, corners, etc, that happened during the main time. 

Therefore, they do not take into account anything that happens during the extra time. So, penalty shootouts are not covered most of the time. However, some betting sites may provide punters with the possibility to make football bets in extra time apart from full time. 

Does my bet count in extra time? 

If you bet on the match winner, then it implies that you choose whether team A or team B will win the game during the regular time which is ninety minutes. It does not mean the winner at the end of extra time which means that if you wagered on the victory of one of the teams and the main time ended in a tie, it results in a loss. 

However, as was mentioned before, bookies may impose their own rules so it is better to go through the terms and conditions of the sportsbook regarding making bets in order to make sure that the extra time is or is not counted. To have an idea what to choose from you would want to check out top sports betting sites in South Africa to learn their pros and cons and go with the best one for your game.

Example of betting in extra time 

Here are some instances regarding the extra time. You can wager on extra time in football before the match. The bookmaker may offer to predict which team will advance to the next stage of the tournament. In this bet, the result of overtime (extra time), as well as a penalty shootout, will be taken into account in its calculation. In betting lines, such bets may be called differently: for instance, Pass. 

Betting markets affected by extra time 

Most of the proposed betting markets refer to the full time. These are punts on the correct score, the total number of goals, double chance, handicaps and many other ones. The number of markets that bookmakers give for overtime is significantly smaller compared to what can be seen during the regular time. 

Usually, you can make punt on overtime on the victory of one of the teams, a draw, a double outcome or a total. Sometimes you can bet on the outcomes of a separate overtime period – 1st half or 2nd half. Also, you may bet on how many minutes will be added, the first goal scorer during the extra time, on the series of penalties, the winners on the basis of penalty shootouts, etc. 

What should you consider when wagering on an outcome at any time? 

Below you will uncover useful information that you should consider while making bets at any time:

  • Familiarize yourself with the conditions that the bookie proposes with respect to making bets. Check whether it counts extra time in punts on the outcome and whether it proposes separate betting options for overtime. 
  • Keep in mind that owing to the fact that it is hard to make predictions on extra time because it may happen and does not happen at all and that is why the odds may be increased. 
  • Note that betting on overtime is not available in live mode. What is more, there are no statistics presented regarding the time added by the referee to each match because it cannot affect the outcome of future matches and the presence of overtime in them. 
  • You should make a deep analysis before making bets in order to evaluate the chances of teams in order to be able to predict the possible situation on the field. 
  • Do not confuse regular time and overtime because if you bet on the first one and a goal is scored in the extra, your bet will lose.

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