Cryptocurrency Stocks: 5 Companies Linked To Bitcoin



Want to buy Cryptocurrency Stocks?

There are certain things that you can learn while you buy and sell Cryptocurrency. 

Among the Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the oldest and the best stock in the Crypto Markets. 

If you want to start trading Bitcoin stocks, you could take the help of trading software like bitcoin up

These are the platforms where you can buy and sell Cryptocurrency easily. 

In this article, we are discussing the five best companies linked to Bitcoin while buying Cryptocurrency stocks.

What are Cryptocurrency Stocks?

Cryptocurrency is not a physical but a digital currency. Actually, you are buying and selling values from the Cryptocurrency exchange. 

Just like the stock market, investors buy securities when they believe that the company will grow and sell the securities when they think the company will fall down by value in the stock market. 

This is the thick idea when it comes to buying and selling stocks in the market.  

Now a question will crop up, how does this work?

When you are buying and selling your Cryptocoin, they are done in value. This means you are buying and selling Crypto stocks in the stock market. 

For this, you have to open an account and your own Crypto wallet. When you buy and sell Crypto stock in the market, this gets automatically recorded and adjusted in your Crypto wallet?

The Five Companies Linked To Bitcoin  

Cryptocurrency stocks and that too Bitcoins are valued greatly in the stock market. No matter why bigger companies are buying and selling Cryptocurrency Stocks.

This needs to be understood that the buying and selling take place in different exchanges, and these big companies, by forming a liaison with the exchanges, buy and sell Bitcoins. 

Let’s look at the companies that invest in Bitcoin, the largest digital asset with a market capitalization of $755.9 billion as of April 23, 2022.

Therefore, you understood that there’s quite a lot at stake involved. So let’s discuss these giant stakeholders of Bitcoin. 

1. Digital Currency Groups

Among the Bitcoin holders, Bill Silbert of Digital Currency Groups ranks as among the top investors. 

The company invests in almost around 168 Blockchains, and that’s quite massive, to say the least. Digital Currency Group is also known as Grayscale Investments. 

They have one of the most significant holdings so far as Bitcoin is considered. In addition, the company runs a Bitcoin Investment Trust. 

The investment vehicle holds around $25.3 billion in Bitcoin (figures updated as of 23rd April). Therefore you could well understand the value.

2. Microstrategy 

Microstrategy, like the former company, holds great Bitcoin stakes. Saylor believes that Cryptocurrency is the next biggest investment. 

Microstrategy went on to increase its Bitcoin holdings in December 2021. The aggregate purchase that they have right now is 1434 Bitcoin. In terms of value, it reaches about $84 million. 

3. Cameron Winklevoss

When you are making a list of the bulkiest Crypto Stock holders, you can not avoid Cameron Winklevoss. 

They have invested in multiple Cryptocurrencies, but they have the strongest holdings if you talk about Bitcoin. 

Let’s give an example. This company is believed to be the first to reach billionaire status through investment in Bitcoin. 

According to Forbes, the company holds around 70000 coins. These figures are huge when you are evaluating just the value.

4. Tesla 

This is what we call big…really really big. TESLA, any introduction is required for this company. 

Tesla is not just the best electric vehicle seller, but the way that they have shown their trust in Bitcoin is really electric, to say the least. 

Tesla Purchased around $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in the year 2021. Therefore this takes Tesla into the list of Top 5 in this list.

5. Fortress Investment Group 

The name of the company is not that known, but the name of the partner does. They partner with Goldman Sachs. 

They have quite a big name for buying and selling Bitcoin. Presently the company holds around $768.1 million in Bitcoin. 


To conclude, it can be said that Bitcoin is quite a name in the galaxy of Cryptocurrency. Big companies are willing to work on Bitcoin when it comes to investing in faith and previous records.

Now that these companies are buying stocks, other smaller investors get assurance of acquiring Bitcoin stocks.




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