Christy Martin Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Christy Martin Net Worth

Christy Martin has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023.

Christy Martin is an American former professional boxer who fought from 1989 to 2012. She is considered a pioneer in women’s boxing and helped bring significant attention and interest to the sport.

Her remarkable career has earned her induction into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.

Christy Martin Net Worth

Christy Martin has achieved an impressive net worth of $5 million throughout her boxing career in the 1990s and early 2000s. This worth makes her one of the wealthiest female boxers of all time.

Martin earned millions over her 29 world title fights throughout her career. Her highest purse was reported to be $750,000 for her fight against Laila Ali in 2003. Though Martin lost that Bout, it was her biggest payday.

Christy Martin Net Worth

Along with purse money, Martin earned income through various endorsement deals and sponsorships. Some of her sponsors included Everlast, Wonderbra, and Pony International.

In 2000, Martin released an autobiography titled “Christy Martin: The Coal Miner’s Daughter”, which added to her revenue streams. During her years as a boxing star, Martin was able to amass a small fortune and become financially secure.

Early Life and Education

Christy Ann Salters was born on June 12, 1968, in Mullens, West Virginia. She grew up in a small coal mining town located in Wyoming County.

Martin had a difficult childhood as her family struggled financially. She began working at her uncle’s bar at the age of 11.

Martin attended Wyoming East High School, where she was on the basketball team. She graduated high school in 1986.

After high school, Martin briefly attended Concord College on a basketball scholarship. However, she soon dropped out of college.

Looking for a career path, Martin moved to Norfolk, Virginia, to become a police officer. She joined the Norfolk Police Academy but soon realized law enforcement was not for her.

At age 24, Martin decided to pursue boxing as a career. She was introduced to the sport by her boyfriend, who trained at a local gym. This fateful encounter would soon lead to Martin becoming a pioneer for women’s boxing.

Professional Boxing Career

Martin made her professional debut on September 6, 1989, by knocking out Angela Buchanan. She quickly racked up an impressive 21-0 record, with all wins coming by knockout.

In 1993, Martin signed with promoter Don King, which helped raise her profile. She defeated Deirdre Gogarty in a notable match that year, which was aired on Showtime. It was one of the first prominent women’s boxing matches broadcast on national television.

Martin’s popularity skyrocketed in 1996 when she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine with the headline “A Lady in the Ring.” Martin won the IBA and WBC welterweight titles that year and successfully defended them multiple times over the next several years.

Christy Martin Net Worth

Martin participated in the fight, which many consider the beginning of the modern women’s boxing era in 1998. She took on Irish fighter Deirdre Gogarty in a rematch on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Frank Bruno II. The Bout drew major publicity for women’s boxing.

Martin raked in millions over her career from her record 29 world title fights. She defeated some of the top names in women’s boxing at the time, including Belinda Laracuente, Andrea DeShong and Mia St. John. Her career record was 49-7-3 with 31 knockouts.

Source Of Income

Christy Martin’s primary source of income during her boxing career was the purses earned from her matches. As one of the biggest stars in women’s boxing in the 1990s and 2000s, Martin made millions from her 29 world title fights.

Her most oversized purse was $750,000 from her 2003 Bout against Laila Ali. On average, Martin likely earned between $100,000 to $500,000 for many of her significant fights on championship cards and Pay-Per-View events.

Outside of boxing purses, Martin supplemented her income through various endorsements and sponsorships. Some of her major corporate sponsors included big names like Everlast, Wonderbra, and Pony International.

Personal Life And Relationship

Christy Martin is openly lesbian and was one of the first prominently out athletes. She revealed her sexuality in a 2007 interview where she publicly confirmed she was in a relationship with a woman.

In 2010, Martin made headlines again when she announced her marriage to another woman, Lisa Holewyne. They were married in British Columbia, Canada.

In 2012, Martin began dating boxer Jim Martin. The two trained together at a gym in Florida. Their relationship took a dark turn in November 2012 when Jim brutally attacked Martin in her home. Martin suffered stab wounds and a gunshot wound.

Martin survived the horrific attack and has since recovered and spoken out about domestic violence issues. She continues to live in Florida and has stepped away from the spotlight in recent years, keeping details of her personal life private.

Business Ventures and Endorsements

Christy Martin earned income through various business ventures and endorsement deals.

Martin’s most notable partnership was with the Wonderbra clothing company. In 1996, she appeared in a famous print and billboard ad campaign for Wonderbra wearing one of their bras and boxing gloves with the slogan “Shoulder Pads? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Shoulder Pads.”

Martin also had endorsement deals with major boxing brands, including Everlast, and appeared in commercials for Pony International shoes. These sponsorships provided a steady income outside of boxing purses.

In 2000, Martin released an autobiography chronicling her life and boxing career titled “Christy Martin: The Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She earned royalties from the book sale, which detailed her journey from a small town in West Virginia to becoming a boxing superstar.

Martin could earn money by participating in speaking engagements, motivational seminars, and sports commentary. She made television appearances commenting on major boxing matches after retiring from the ring.

Retirement from Boxing

Christy Martin retired from boxing in 2012 after losing a title match to Mia St. John. She left the sport as a legend and pioneer who helped put women’s boxing on the map. She inspired countless young girls and female boxers to get into the sport.

Martin’s estimated net worth at the height of her career was around $5 million, making her one of the highest-paid female boxers of her era. Not only did she earn millions from her fights, but from endorsements as well. Martin released an autobiography in 2000 titled Christy Martin: The Coal Miner’s Daughter.

Though long retired now, Christy Martin’s legacy lives on. She helped reshape the perception of women’s boxing and proved females could become sports stars. Martin achieved great fame and fortune through her groundbreaking career.

FAQs on Christy Martin Net Worth

What was her biggest source of income?

Martin’s primary source of income was her professional boxing matches. Her largest payout was $750,000 for her 2003 fight against Laila Ali.

Did she earn a lot from endorsements?

Martin supplemented her boxing income with various endorsements and sponsorships. She had deals with Everlast, Wonderbra, Pony International and others over the years.

How much did she make from boxing purses?

Martin earned several million dollars over her career from her 29 world title fights. Her average purse was likely in the low to mid 6-figure range for many fights.

Does she still earn money today?

While Martin retired from boxing, she likely still earns some income from boxing appearances, speaking engagements, book royalties and other ventures. However, her peak earning years were in the 1990s and 2000s, at the height of her boxing fame.

Final Thoughts

Christy Martin shattered barriers and opened doors for women’s boxing throughout her incredible 23-year pioneering career. She pioneered the sport and helped put women’s boxing on the map in the late 1980s.

Martin rose to fame in the 90s and became a household name. She earned millions from her record 29 world title highest-paid one of the highest paid female athletes of her era. Martin’s estimated net worth of $5 million at her peak put her amongst the wealthiest female boxers in history.

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