10 Top Trending Jewelry Products to Sell in 2020

When it comes to jewelry trends in 2020, the most important thing to remember is the fact that excellent jewelry trends are not a revolution, but an evolution. If there is one thing that can enhance your overall look like no other, it is jewelry, be it a normal pendant/bracelet or Medical bracelets for women. From basic tees to LBDs and beyond, the simplest pieces can also reach an entirely new level while accessorized with the trendiest bling of the season. For this year, designers didn’t hold back on an accessory front as runaways brought you amazing pieces like architectural shapes, oversized earrings, layered chains, dangling crystals, and a lot more. 

Here is the list of top 6 trending jewelry products to sell this year – 

  1.  Hoop Earrings – The gold hoops are not a new product, however this season, the designers re-imagine this outstanding style with bigger silhouettes and bolder shapes. Try out the stunners like Snap bar clasp closure and 18k gold-plated brass for easing into this trend. Along with bracelets, one of those earrings which have become a breakthrough trend this year is hoop earrings. Looking for online jewelry in the same style is not difficult. Stocking up distinctive kinds of hoop earrings with distinctive style and the material will brighten the customers. 

Hoop Earrings

In case you mainly wish to target women in their 20s and 30s, you must not miss putting hoop earrings on the shelf. Your store will gain a lot of profit by showcasing this kind of jewelry. 

  1.  Layered Necklace – Nailing the uncomplicated layered look is difficult but it’s a good thing that the designers are doing it for everyone right now. Whether you choose to juxtapose dainty and chunky chains or multiple gold strands, the layered Necklaces can transform any look from an ordinary one to a statement-making one. Designs like a lobster clasp or a gold-plated necklace are winning the hearts right now. Moreover, religion plays a key role in people’s lives. 

That is why cross necklaces are among the most famous jewelry as well as will remain to be in demand by a lot of customers. 

The lookout for multilayered necklaces has been stable for many years. So in case you wish to aim at selling necklaces, make sure to stock up cross and multilayer necklaces. 

  1.  Medical Alert Bracelets/Necklaces – Medical alert jewelry has been a significant aspect in terms of the medical industry for several years as they offer basic information regarding the health conditions of an individual to assist first responders and provide you with proper care. Make sure to get your store filled with plenty of medical necklaces/bracelets as they can also be engraved with the name and medical conditions as well as the needs of the person. 

Medical alert jewelry also has significant information such as emergency contact details and your name. This permits the family to immediately be aware of the condition so that proper emotional support can also be offered. They are useful for a lot of different medical conditions. While diabetics, those people who have heart conditions and asthmatics are the best candidates for this type of jewelry, they are also helpful for people with mental health concerns and allergies. 

  1.  Charm Bracelets – If you want, you can also provide your customers with actual bracelets that hold the charms. You may consider providing both the charm and bracelet options to produce a few repeat customers. Not only Medical alert jewelry but every year charm bracelets also take over sales and this year won’t be an exception. These bracelets have been charming the customers in the latest months and are expected to continue selling well for the entire year. 

Always remember that this jewelry class is not going away anytime soon. For promoting the charm bracelet of your store, you can also run advertisements on Instagram and Facebook. You can target the fans of several pages such as Pandora or any other well-known charm bracelet sites for finding the target audience.

  1.  Initial Necklace – It is safe to state that the necklaces for ladies like the initial ones are flying off the shelves. Along with bracelets, this piece of jewelry is also a well-known trend in the market. What makes it stunning is the customization component to it. Customization will remain to be among the best jewelry trends this New Year. In case you are planning to stock the perfect necklace for ladies, it must be something sentimental and unique. So, it means that these sorts of necklaces for ladies are the immediate seller. 

 Initial Necklace

The customization of the initial necklaces makes them striking. The customization effect will continue to be the most favorite jewelry trend in the upcoming few years. And while the initial necklaces only have a single letter, sales prove that they are still famous. 

  1.  Pendant Necklaces – The simple necklaces are quite in demand with an extensive range of customers. You can easily design this piece of Jewellery using small pendants and simple chains which make them look unique. Are you looking for the most perfect necklaces for ladies? Ensure the fact that you sell something innovative and sentimental. 

 Pendant Necklaces

The pendant necklace also comes in 2 colors i.e., Rose Gold and Silver. You can also go for the one that, when its phrases project on a wall, the customers will get phrases for “I Love You” in several languages which makes it a wonderful gift for your better half. Assist the customers to proclaim their love from rooftops through its promotion to those couples who are celebrating anniversaries, the recently married ones or the newly engaged couple. 

  1.  Colorful Jewellery– In terms of color, at least when it comes to jewelry, do not be afraid of mixing up the metals and stones. Do not forget that the more mishmash, the simpler it is for pairing with the wardrobe since it opens up the variety of shades for coordination. Gone are those days when people only picked silver and gold as designers have now brought on the color explosion for 2020 jewelry trends to sell. 

 Colorful Jewellery

Decorate the shelves of your store with blazing beaded and floral pieces, mismatched colors, and gemstones. Channeling the inner kids, this look is all about enjoying the different look of your accessories. During late 2018, the most Trending jewelry was colored earrings. Now, the colored earrings and necklaces have a contemporary scheme that impresses a lot of customers. 

  1.  Solar System Bracelets – You can also buy the one that comes with 8 planet-like beads utilizing natural stone. It can be worn by both women and men because of its mass appeal and simplistic style. Wish to have an astronomical amount of people wearing the solar system bracelets? Attempt targeting people as per their interests. Searching for the ladies’ bracelet which is out of this world? Luckily, a solar system bracelet is an amazing option for the same. This piece of Trending jewelry has now become an online sensation on a lot of websites. 

Trending jewelry

You may target those people who study astronomy in school or those people who have liked famous space-themed films on social networking channels like Facebook. Also, you can target those people who like particular planets or common astronomy or space-themed terms. 

  1.  Chains Necklace – Chains and links have topped this trend circuit a lot of times and that is why it is difficult for even calling them a trend now. From oversized necklaces to Chain Link bracelets, the chunky styles are offering the everyday, dainty styles a good competition. The chains got bigger and bigger on spring runways. 

Well-known designers like Brandon Maxwell sent huge sparkling versions (a few complete with the matching chain earrings) down the runway, while another famous one like Zimmermann layered the oversized chain necklaces along with the beaded ones. In terms of Jewelry for women, the key to styling the oversized chain link is by contrasting its size with something more delicate such as the single diamond necklace. Lightweight but oversized, the long chain-link necklace boosts even the most general outfits.

  1. Locket – This year, there will be a rise in jewelry products such as lockets. A lot of these open as well as reveal a message or photo inside. Many styles are available with messages like “You are my sunshine” or “I Love You”. For promoting this locket, you can run the carousel advertisement displaying every different message the entire locket contains so that customers can purchase the one with the message they like best. Another alternative is creating the influencer video of them wearing the locket as well as opening it for revealing the message. 


The jewelry trends are not as radical as those in the accessories as well as the emotion evoked by the finely wrought ring is The perfect jewelry products come in the shape of jewelry trends like charm bracelets, pendant necklaces, and a lot more. In case you run an online store, make sure to add these above-mentioned jewelry products to the store as soon as possible. 

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