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Hosting events is harder than it appears

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Top 10 tips for hosting events

WRITTEN BY JOE JOHNSON   10.      Get Feedback Print or online feedback forms are essential for judging the reaction to your event, this will give you an...

Top 10 tips for hosting events

- Top 10 - May 17, 2012



10.    Get Feedback

Print or online feedback forms are essential for judging the reaction to your event, this will give you an idea of what worked for your punters and what didn’t, allowing you to build and improve next time.


9.      Get Staffing Levels Right

Too many staff at your event can could be overwhelming, but hire too few and you may not be able to satisfy customer demand. Gauge the popularity of your event and hire accordingly to suit the audience’s needs.


8.        Dress To Impress

Make sure you and your team make every effort to look your best, scruffy clothes or dishevelled hair could put across the wrong message, unless of course you’re pushing a new line of skateboards!


7.       Attract Key Industry Figures

Celebs may be one way to draw in the masses, but key figures in your industry will likely be of greater interest to your target audience. Securing a couple of big names will add credibility and clout to your event.


6.       Invite People

Invitations may sound archaic, but it can really set you apart from the competition. Don’t just send email invitations either, receiving something by post is far more memorable and will captivate your target audience who are used to a world of spam junk mail.


5.       Promote in Advance

Although an effective event can be the stepping stone to increased publicity, there needs to be some degree of publicity around the event itself. Use low cost avenues like trade press and social media to get the word out.


4.       Give People a Reason to Attend

On the whole, members of the general public won’t be interested in niche product launches, so give them a reason to attend yours, whether that means signing up a celeb to draw the crowds or offering a free bar - give them a reason.


3.      Dish Out Freebies

People love freebies. Investing in some branded merchandise is a great way to spread your company name far and wide without huge overheads. Pens are good, but things that people can play, interact with or even eat are better – think Rubik’s Cubes or branded boiled sweets!


2.       Be Different

If your launch, stand or event is no different to any people have seen in the past, no one will remember it. Think outside the box and do something crazy, even if that means getting people to dress up to promote your product.


1.      Define Your Target Market

Although the marketing world is in the middle of a honeymoon with online advertising avenues, particularly social media, such channels are only effective when used alongside tangible offline methods intact. Many seem to be forgetting about highly effective offline methods which provide the basis for an effective marketing campaign, instead caught up in the romance of tweets and status updates.

Targeting the right kind of market is crucial. Are you trying to get everyone’s attention, or just a select group of people? Failing to tailor your event to a specific demographic is akin to falling at the first hurdle. Is your company launching a new product? It’s best to perform such a launch at a venue your target market are likely to frequent, for example, a range of new toilet brushes would go down much better at a homes exhibition than a nightclub!


Joe is a PR professional who has organised several events for travel companies. He is currently promoting Hayes and Jarvis Maldives holidays and has been lucky enough to do plenty of research on the topic!

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