Typewhizz Review: A Comprehensive Investigation

When I first stumbled upon Typewhizz, I was a bit skeptical. The reviews were all over the place—some people raved about it, while others weren’t so sure. But as someone always on the lookout for new career opportunities, especially ones that let you work from home, I decided to dive in and see what all the fuss was about. What I found was a platform that not only educates but also opens doors to actual job opportunities, all thanks to the inspiring journey of its founder, Katie Weston.

The Story Behind Typewhizz

Katie Weston’s story is really something. She used to be a call center agent, stuck in the typical 9-5 routine. Then, she discovered the world of online transcription. This discovery was a

game-changer for her. It allowed her to work from home, giving her the flexibility and freedom she’d been craving. Motivated by her success, Katie decided to help others break free from traditional jobs and create Typewhizz in 2018. Her goal? To teach people how to make a living online.

A Range Of Online Courses

One of the first things that I noticed after signing up and logging into the platform, was its extensive range of courses. Whether you’re looking to enhance your technical skills, improve your soft skills, or explore new career paths, Typewhizz has something for everyone. The

platform offers courses in areas such as Transcription, Video Captioning, Virtual Assistant Courses, Social Media Chat Agent Courses and more. The platform offers a variety of programs to help you gain the skills needed for different online jobs.

Education Meets Employment

What really sets Typewhizz apart is how it pairs education with job opportunities. The platform isn’t just about teaching you new skills—it’s about helping you land a job, too. After finishing the courses, you get access to a jobs portal that’s full of opportunities for transcribers, captioners, AI specialists, and virtual assistants. This ongoing support shows that Typewhizz is dedicated to your success.

Typewhizz Reviews

Typewhizz has garnered an impressive array of positive reviews on Trustpilot and other a myriad of other websites(See The Gremlin’s Typewhizz Review). Users praise its user-friendly interface, comprehensive courses, and valuable job portal. The consistent five-star ratings left me optimistic about what Typewhizz had to offer.

In contrast, Hello Peter seemed to be a haven for disgruntled customers. The platform was littered with one-star reviews and angry rants about Typewhizz. This stark difference was perplexing. Why would a platform with such positive feedback elsewhere receive so much criticism on Hello Peter?

To understand this discrepancy, I began investigating the review processes of both platforms. Trustpilot’s approach is thorough and automated, effectively filtering out fraudulent reviews and maintaining a level of objectivity.

Hello Peter, on the other hand, relies on manual verification, which is susceptible to human error and manipulation. For example, Hello Peter often insist on the removal of legitimate positive reviews if users do not provide proof of receipt. This process discourages satisfied customers from leaving feedback, resulting in a skewed representation of Typewhizz’s quality.

Hello Peter has long been criticized as a platform of dubious credibility. The site is cluttered with banner ads, creating a spammy environment that detracts from its credibility. It serves as a platform for angry consumers to vent, often lacking the balance and objectivity seen on more reputable and well-funded sites like Trustpilot. The reliance on manual verification further exacerbates this issue, resulting in a skewed representation of businesses.

Is Typewhizz Legit?

My experience was nothing short of excellent. The platform offered a wealth of resources, including multiple courses tailored to various skill levels and a robust job portal. The team was supportive, and the overall experience aligned perfectly with the positive reviews.


Typewhizz stands out as a reliable and innovative learning platform designed to meet the needs of today’s professionals. From its comprehensive course offerings to its interactive learning experience and robust job portal, Typewhizz provides the tools and resources necessary for career growth. While conflicting reviews may cause initial hesitation, the overwhelmingly positive feedback on Trustpilot and my own experience confirm that Typewhizz is indeed a valuable asset for anyone looking to enhance their professional skills.