Leading South African casino review sites that also review sportsbooks

Playing at online casinos has become one of our favourite online hobbies. They provide all of the thrill and fun of a traditional land-based casino, without the hassle. Plus, they give everyone access to a world-class selection of games, no matter where you live. There’s no longer any need for the long trip to a resort casino. 

Sports betting, on the other hand, has always had a massive following. Soccer, cricket and rugby have long been the most popular betting sports in South Africa and beyond. Online sports betting has opened up the betting markets, however, so betting on international tournaments and more niche sports has become a lot more common. 

For the first few years of online gambling, online casinos and online sportsbooks were completely separate businesses. As time has gone on, brands have realised that there are plenty of customers who enjoy both types of online gambling. Combining casinos and sportsbooks makes perfect sense – in fact, it’s what many of the leading casinos in Las Vegas have been doing for decades. 

One issue exists, however. Some online casinos have added sportsbook features on just to attract customers. This results in a sportsbook that doesn’t cover many markets and has limited bet types. On the other hand, when sportsbooks tack on an online casino, they can end up with a limited games library without any promotions or bonuses. 

The best way to identify the leading online casinos that also double as sportsbook platforms is to use a review site or guide. Some of these guides, such as Ask Gamblers or Trust Pilot, have an international scope and look at casinos from all over the world. Others are region-specific, and these are usually where players can find the most detailed reviews.

Before doing a deep dive into researching online casinos, consult our brief guide that will present a short ranking of the review sites. In this article, we’ll provide an explanation of the things we look for in both an online casino and an online sportsbook. Then we’ll rank where you can find the most accurate ratings.

What to look for in a casino and sportsbook

There are several key factors to look for when choosing an online casino and sportsbook. Some apply to both, others are specific to only the casino or sportsbook side of the site. Our criteria evaluate all of the relevant factors: 

  • Security and licensing – Licenses protect the player and the brand, so they’re essential. The National Gambling Board of South Africa doesn’t currently issue licenses to online casinos, so players need to look for online casinos that hold licenses from other reputable regulatory agencies. In terms of security, any online gambling platform that takes player security seriously will have at least 128-bit SSL encryption. 
  • Games library – The quality of the games library is directly linked to player enjoyment. The best online casinos will have a wide selection of games of different types (slots, table games, live dealer games etc) from numerous game developers. 
  • Payment methods – With a leading online casino, we expect to see multiple secure options for both deposits and withdrawals. The most popular options should be included: bank/wire transfer, credit/debit cards, e-wallets and payment apps. Accepting cryptocurrency is not a major plus but it is nice to see.
  • Customer support – The customer support team should be easy to reach and highly responsive. A dedicated email address is our preferred method and we also like to see a live chat feature and/or a telephone number. The best customer support will also provide ways to troubleshoot problems, like a helpdesk or detailed FAQ section.
  • Bonuses and promotions – Bonuses and promotions are what makes joining a new online casino feel special. They make it easier to get started playing and are a sign of how seriously the company takes player satisfaction.
  • Sports markets – The top online sportsbooks will cover a large number of sports markets, not just the most popular leagues of the biggest sports. It is also a positive to see coverage of major international events like the Olympics.
  • Bet variety – Single outcome bets are the classic sports bet and are a great way to get started. Experienced bettors want more variety. To provide this, top online sportsbooks offer an array of bet types, including accumulators, prop bets, over/unders and spread bets.
  • Competitive odds – If a sportsbook doesn’t have competitive odds, it doesn’t really matter how good the rest of its features are. Players want to know that they’re getting fair odds that are in line with the odds offered by other sportsbooks, otherwise they’ll place their bets elsewhere.
  • Mobile compatibility – Most people like to have the option to play games or place bets from their computer or mobile device. A site that is fully optimised for both mobile and desktop browsers is a must for many players. 

Below are some of our picks for the leading online casinos that also double as sportsbook platforms:

#4 – SouthAfricanCasinos.co.za 3.5/5 stars

South African Casinos is one of the country’s original casino review sites and has gained readers’ trust by providing incredibly detailed reviews of online casinos. It is the most thorough review site for South African players. Alongside online casinos, it also reviews casino bonuses and payment methods. 

South African Casinos was launched in 2003 and unfortunately, the website looks like it hasn’t been updated much since then. The site looks busy and cluttered and it can be difficult to find the relevant information. While it does review sports betting platforms on online casinos, there is no menu option for sportsbooks. This oversight means readers have to sift through every review to find the online casinos that also offer sports betting.

#3 – AskGamblers.com 3.5/5 stars

Ask Gamblers is an international casino review site. It is one of the biggest casino review sites and covers an impressive number of online casinos. It also provides detailed information on the relevant gambling laws, regulations and trends in all of the countries it covers. This wide scope does mean that Ask Gamblers can’t focus too much on any one country. 

Its international coverage also means that it mainly reviews online casinos that cater to players from all over the world. This is a great way to introduce South African players to major international casinos. On the other hand, it means that it overlooks online casinos that only operate in South Africa. 

The sportsbook review section on Ask Gamblers is just as wide-ranging as its online casino review section. Along with its sportsbook reviews, it provides information on bet types, betting bonuses, reading odds, and the special features that are found on some betting platforms.

One of the best features of Ask Gamblers is that players are able to leave reviews describing their experiences, and the casino is able to respond. This can give readers a really good idea of how a particular casino works and of how it responds to player concerns.

#2 – PlayCasino.co.za 4.3/5 stars

PlayCasino has earned its status as one of South Africa’s most trusted casino review guides because of the quality of its staff. The team is made up of researchers and writers who each specialize in a different aspect of the online gaming industry. Alongside its casino games and payment method experts, it also has two researchers who are experts in sportsbooks and sports betting. 

PlayCasino has been reviewing online gambling sites since 2008. For the first decade, it only reviewed online casinos, but in 2018, it expanded to include reviewing sportsbooks. It follows data-driven review criteria, which results in very thorough reviews. It also routinely updates reviews, which ensures that readers have relevant information.

Even though it has been reviewing online sportsbooks for six years, this section of the site is still relatively small. The main negative about the site, however, is that it doesn’t include any space for comments and personal reviews from players.

#1 – OnlineCasinoReports.com 4.5/5 stars

Online Casino Reports is the leading casino review site for players in South Africa. Impressively, it has been in operation since 1998, and over the years, has created the most intensive ranking standards. Its sports betting review section is just as detailed and extensive. The site also specifies the sports that each sportsbook specialises in.

It has a comparison feature as well, so readers can see exactly how their potential online casinos line up against each other. One of the reasons why Online Casino Reports is a trusted reviewer is that it is willing to blacklist casinos and online sportsbooks that fail to meet its standards, or that take advantage of their players. 

Final thoughts

Picking an online casino and sportsbook platform depends a lot on what you’re looking for. Most sites prioritise either the casino side or sports betting, and finding one that is completely balanced isn’t always possible. The best way to find the perfect balance for you, between sportsbook and casino, is by using a casino review guide.