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Currently, Instagram is the favorite social media platforms and it has surpassed the follower base of various other prominent social media giants. Instagram is not only being used by teenagers and Millennials. Instagram is being used by people, irrespective of their age and location, almost constantly. Instagram is loved by people, particularly because of the amazing tricks that the platform has. Irrespective of whether you are interested in recruiting someone or you are showcasing the culture of any particular company, Instagram can help you drive fashion business and website traffic. However, to use Instagram in the best manner, you should be aware of important tips and features. According to, Instagram has huge potentials for businesses.

Given below is a list of the important things that you cannot miss knowing about Instagram. 

Receive notifications when people post the most

If you are not interested in missing Instagram posts from the favorite influencers, you have the option of getting notifications, whenever your favorite user is posting anything new. You only have to turn the notifications on for every individual post. To do this, visit the profile of the respective user, click on the three dots that are present on the right-hand corner of any post, and turn the post notifications on. To turn off the post notifications if you lose interest, you can follow a similar method. 

Add special fonts to the Instagram bio

When you are adding special fonts to your Instagram bio, you are working on making it special. Special fonts will also help in making the Instagram profile remain unique. However, you cannot do this directly from the Instagram app or website. You need to make use of certain trusted third party applications, which will allow you to add special fonts to your Instagram bio. 

Add special characters

You can focus on customizing your bio with special fonts and you also have the option of adding characters, which are going to distinguish both you and your brand. Again, you will not be able to discover them on the normal keyboard of your smartphone. You have to use third-party applications for this. Whether you are using special characters or special fonts, you should know that they will help in adding a charm to your Instagram profile. 

Schedule posts

Instagram is a mobile app, which also has a website. However, most of the activities on Instagram can be done only through the mobile application. If you are interested in posting photos regularly, whether it is for your business or your account, you can schedule your posts in advance. For instance, if you want a post to be posted on the weekends, you can schedule that. This will make sure that you are posting regularly on Instagram without any breaks and your followers will not have to miss your presence. 

Optimize the Instagram bio

Irrespective of who you are your followers will be interested to know more about you. The best way of letting your followers know who you are is by posting an amazing Instagram bio. The bio that you are going to post will help in letting people know and understand who you are. If they are interested in your Instagram bio, they will follow you. It is a good idea to include keywords within your Instagram bio so that you can attract more followers. 

Post content of other users to your Instagram story

It has already been revealed that Instagram stories are one of the best ways of helping your content gain exposure on the home pages of your followers. However, the problem is that you might not always have posts that are worth posting on your Instagram story. During this situation, you have the option of sharing inspiring posts from other people through Instagram. You can look for posts that you are interested in sharing on your Instagram stories and share them. You can also design them according to your taste. 

Uploading and browsing content on 

IGTV is undoubtedly a huge feature that has been released by Instagram. IGTV is Instagram TV, and it is one of the best places where video content can be shared. Posting a normal video on Instagram allows the length of the video to be only for a short time. However, if you decide to post an Instagram TV video, you are not going to face any time limits. This will help you to post amazing videos associated with your brand or anything else. If Instagram TV videos are interesting, your target audience is going to be extremely interested in your Instagram profile. Make sure that you are posting only relevant content, which the target followers are going to be interested. 

Understand what people have commented on and liked

A great way of understanding what your friends love is by understanding the posts that they engage with. This can be done by going through the recent commenting and liking activity of friends or customers you follow. This is an ideal way of deciphering the types of posts that your followers might expect from you in the future. Use the Instagram auto like features of reputed Instagram tools if you are looking forward to increasing the credibility of your Instagram account.

Hide, disable, and delete comments

If you are posting anything sensitive only for informing your followers and target followers regarding something and you do not want to attract any comments, you have the option of disabling comments on Instagram. Apart from that, you can also hide and delete unnecessary comments from trolls. 

Use Instagram for editing photos

The filters that are available on Instagram for editing your photos are undoubtedly amazing. Most of the brands take high-quality pictures of their products, but they edit them on Instagram because of the editing tools that Instagram provides. Apart from the wide range of available instagram filter options, you can also adjust the brightness and contrast of your photos. You can also perform several other activities, which will help in making your photos look extremely professional. Therefore, instead of deciding to use third-party photo editing apps, you can use Instagram for editing all your photos on a professional level. 


To use Instagram optimally, you should understand every feature of Instagram. Ensure that you are going through the hacks, tips, and features listed above so that you can use Instagram to your fullest. 

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