Five Tips To Secure A Wig For Better Look

secure a wig

Do you care about your look when wearing artificial accessories? Maybe, professionals cannot feel the pain, but we all have some doubts within us related to wearing fake stuff. When it comes to hair wigs, no one can take a risk at all. Hence, many of you must be eyeing on some effective ways to secure a wig. Well, there is no hard and fast rule – believe me!
Today, our fashion industry promotes several versatile looks. From a traditional hairstyle to a chic hair bun, we are never out of ideas to give ourselves a perfect look.

However, such hairstyles look better if one has healthy, voluminous, and appropriate hair length. In this case, girls prefer to buy human hair wigs to get the desired look.

Again, there is a concern, and the girls often panic while preparing their look. You must also be sailing in the same boat, right?

If you don’t know the tricks and tips to secure a wig, you are not an expert. Several girls have to wait for someone who can fix this issue. But what if you know the tricks and resolve the matter beforehand?

Here is what you have to do to secure your wig and get the desired look.

How To Secure A Wig In Simple Steps?

1. Wig Tape

When you are in doubt, prefer to choose wig tape to secure a wig. This is one of the things that can add beauty to your hairstyle without letting it to slip.

Before you apply wig tape, clean the areas around the wig by removing excess oils and dirt. It will help you in making the tape stay on the wig. After this, you have to attach the tap to the underside of the wig. You have to peel it off so that it fits on your scalp, giving you satisfaction and comfort.

Surprisingly, wig tapes have more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, it is scalp-friendly and sticks to the wig easily, which keeps it intact to the scalp. Secondly, wig tape is sustainable so you don’t have to worry about the natural factors. Finally, the tape comes in different lengths and forms. Therefore, you have the choice to select the one that you think goes perfect with your wig.

The only disadvantage of the wig tape is that you cannot easily remove the wig. Since it has effective strength, the tape is a bit trickier to take it off.

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2. Wig Grip

This solution is recommended to the people who face severe hair loss and cannot afford to try different experiments.

Wig grip is the best solution to secure a wig. It ensures to give protection, comfort, and confidence. Moreover, the material doesn’t slip or moves even if you change your posture or have other regular body movements.

Before you wear a wig, you have to align your wig grip on the head with the hairline. Once you perfectly set the grip, you have to adjust the size by using Velcro tabs at the back. Now the last step is to wear the wig. Make sure you fix the wig from front to back that it looks natural and flawless.

Wig grip is essential for those who have to wear and remove the wig often. It is extremely easy to carry throughout the day. Also, it provides great security due to alleviating pressure. Many people recommend wig grip because it doesn’t give you headache or tension that you can feel with wig tape.

The only drawback of the solution is that the grip lasts for six months only. It means you have to buy a new one every six months. This is because it loses elasticity if used often or many times.

3. Wig Caps

Wig caps are often used to secure a capless wig. At this point, you only need to have a wig cap to give you a perfect and natural look without having to feel the tension.

Interestingly, wig caps come along with several benefits. It is reliable for all hair lengths, while guarantees to give a natural style the way you want.

You may have noticed that some materials result in breaking hair from friction. Wig caps prevent hair breaking by creating a safe and sanitized barrier between the scalp and the wig. Also, it maintains cleanliness of your wig.

The procedure to use wig caps is quite easy. Firstly, you have to clean the entire area by removing dirt and oils. This is an essential step to achieve more security.

Once you clean the area, place the cap from front to the back and adjust it across the hairline to neck. Make sure there are no air pockets left beneath the cap so that you get a perfect and smooth shape around the head.

Now comes the main part. You have to place the wig carefully and again clear the cap by removing any bumps.

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This is it. Did you see how easily you can wear a wig without worrying about the security? Everyone prefers to buy a wig cap upon choice. However, some don’t like the solution and think of other ways that ensure protection.

4. Wig Clips

Even if you have managed to secure a wig with thousands of things placing beneath the wig, you will still not feel comfortable. This is human psychology, and we cannot fight with it.

However, wig clips can help you in making wig security effective. It gives well-fitting with further attachment, leaving you tension-free and happy.

The only drawback we can see in this solution is the hair volume. If you have enough hair on the head, wig clips can give you a perfect result.

The procedure is very simple. When you style your wig, you have to slightly lift the top section of the wig and place an appropriate number of clips. It will help you in securing the wig around the head.

Since clips come in different types and sizes, it all depends on your hairstyle. You can prefer to choose the ones that you think can give your wig better security and adjustment.

Make sure you go through various trials before going for the final steps. It will help you in placing the clips appropriately while enhancing your confidence and comfort to a great extent.

5. Silicone Solution Sheet

Now, this is something you should really know. Unlike other methods, you have to give it a try to notice the difference.

The silicone solution sheet is all about a sheet of silicone. The solution is quite simple and made of invisible thread. For achieving a perfect style, you need to cut the sheet according to the desired size and shape.

The procedure to secure a wig with a silicone sheet is quite simple. Firstly, decide the hairstyle. Secondly, cut the sheet in the size and shape that you want. Thirdly, stitch the sheet inside your wig cap. Finally, place the wig securely and adjust it according to your requirement.

The silicone sheet requires effective care. You should always take help from a professional to help you fix the sheet and wig on your head.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when you had to run here and there to fix the wig and get the desired look. Today, you have many options to adjust the wig and achieve better security. This post discusses some great techniques to secure your wig from fall or slip. You can also take help from a professional to fix the problem that suits your hair and comfort level.