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Top franchisors - Maid2Clean

Top Ten - Is franchising right for your business?

Mike Hanrahan, owner of UK-based domestic cleaning franchise Maid2Clean, gives his top ten tips on turning your business into a franchise; a great way to expand quickly and get ahead of the competitive curve
Best business apps

Top 10 business apps

Apps that make working from home, networking and staying in contact with business associates have saturated the market, and as with any niche there are winners and losers. Here are the top ten...
Hosting events is harder than it appears

Top 10 tips for hosting events

An eye-catching event can often garner feverish media coverage; generating and avalanche of publicity that transcends several media outlets include television and print as well as online. Here are ten tips for organising great business events
Top 10 office gadgets

Top 10 Office Gadgets

The office is one place where gadgets have made considerable headway in the past decade, stress-balls, metronomes and Newton's cradles were once standard, but such decorations have been replaced by tools that make working life more pleasurable, productive and personable. Here is ABR's Top 10...
University of Cape Town

Top 10 African Business Schools

African Business Schools aim to help their students excel in management and business education in Africa. In fact, these business schools now play a very important role in the country by preparing their students for development in the private sectors early on.

Africa's successful restaurant chains

Forget McDonald's and KFC, these restaurant chains originated in Africa and some are taking the world by storm...
Unilever South Africa

Top 10 Best Companies To Work For in South Africa

The Corporate Research Foundation (CRF) Institute comprehensively reviews pay and benefits, training and development, career opportunities, working conditions and company culture. ABR has selected just 10 of the 57 South African companies that made the grade as a BEST Employer™ for 2010-2011
Tips to be green

How to make your African business eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly is not only good for the planet - it can also save your business big money. Follow these ten easy steps by our expert to join the green revolution

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