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Technology is improving the quality of video conferencing

Technology is changing the face of video conferencing

Modern technology is changing the way we video conference for the better, finally making it a viable business alternative to face-to-face meetings
South African businesses look internally for IT needs

Africa's IT homecoming revolution

South African businesses start to recognise the benefit of using homegrown IT service providers
The climate change centre will be based in Namibia

Southern Africa climate change centre to launch

Five countries sign agreement for centre in Windhoek, Namibia to open
A farmer embracing the Kilimo Salama scheme

Safe Farming: An innovation in technology

Mobile insurance scheme Kilimo Salama helping Africa's small scale farmers
The 3.75G network is the fastest in Kenya

Airtel Kenya launches 3.75G network

Airtel launches Kenya's fastest ever network
Even basic phones will have access to Facebook

Orange makes Facebook accessible on every African phone

Mobile network to launch innovative service making Facebook accessible on any phone across the Orange footprint in Africa
Some BlackBerry users will be restricted

Vodacom restricts BlackBerry users 'abusing' internet

Network slows down connection speeds for heaviest users of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) users in South Africa
AfricaCom awards

MTN SA and Safaricom big winners at AfricaCom Awards

Seacom, Main One, Orange, Helios Towers, Ericsson, Huawei, Gateway Communications and SkyVision among other winners at communication awards in Cape Town
Nine regional ICT centres will be opened

Vodacom, Microsoft team up for South Africa ICT scheme

Technology giants launch initiative to provide educational resources via cloud computing
iPhone 4S

Africa awaits Apple iPhone 4S

Latest version of iPhone unveiled at Apple headquarters in US, but when will it arrive in Africa?
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