The ultimate gadgets for safe travel

- Technology - Jul 05, 2011

In the modern world, travelling to business meetings, conferences, exhibitions and events are all often part of the working week.

With this in mind, the importance of personal safety is now prominent than ever. African Business Review has this month scoped out some of the best personal safety gadgets on the market for that next trip.


iCache – the safe and stylish way to pay

The iCache is the ultimate gadget for someone with an abundance of credit, debit or loyalty cards. Smaller than an iPhone, this digital wallet means that you never have to worry about being weighed down by plastic cards again.

The iCache is a small portable device housing a single card and display that can be used in place of any of the cards in your wallet, both online and in shops. The process is simple, by using a USB cable and computer via a USB cable you will be able to enter your card information and numbers which will be stored in the wallet for your use.

In terms of security, iCache is far safer than carrying cards. It is protected with a biometric fingerprint reader to ensure that only you, the owner of the device, can activate it as the data is encrypted otherwise.

There is also a Secondary ID Match in place so that only cards registered in your name can be uploaded. If the device gets lost, it cannot be turned on or used by anyone else and anyone attempting to open the wallet or tamper with the internals will render the device useless.

The worldwide release of the iCache is expected later this year.


KingstonDataTraveler 5000 USB Flash drive – portable data transfer

Transferring important files has become common practice, especially for busy business people on the move in between meetings, conferences and offices. Carrying a USB flash drive around is by far the easiest way to ensure you will always have those important documents when you need them.

But with that comes the added responsibility of keeping the flash drive safe and protecting company files. Theultra-secure Kingston DataTraveler 5000 has so many security features that it comes approved by the US Government. Available in sizes up to 16GB, it is waterproof and encased in titanium-coated stainless steel for ultimate toughness.

The DataTraveler 5000 is password protected and will allow up to 128 characters so you can make it almost impossible to guess. It also uses elliptic curve cryptography encryption algorithms (ECC) and the drive locks down after 10 intrusion attempts when the encryption key is destroyed. It also has a tamper-evident coating/seal for physical security and is backed by a five-year warranty.


Powergorilla – Emergency charger

It may not be a question of personal security, but this device could theoretically be a lifesaver. Ever forgot to pack that all important power adapter for your laptop or left your phone charger at home? Then keep one of these in your suitcase.

Available at, the powergorilla is a portable charger capable of charging laptops, a variety of mobile phones, video cameras, MP3 players and sat navs. With a 24 volt capacity and two sockets it can charge two devices at once.

Depending on your laptop’s specification, it can provide an extra 2.5 hours of power and over 20 hours on various other electronic devices. Charge the powergorilla from either the AC/mains wall socket (included) as well as the AC/mains from your laptop. Its sister product, solargorilla, can also be charged from sunlight.

Weighing in at 631g, this lightweight gadget doesn’t skimp on safety features, which include an output auto-lock, voltage limitation protection, short circuit protection, over charging protection and overheat protection.


GPS watch – tracking your every move

The GPS watch is ideal for those wanting better personal security abroad. The watch can pinpoint your location to within metres along with providing the precise time as set by the US military GPS satellites.

Using a free mapping system, the only costs incurred for the user is the price of the watch and a SIM card to insert.

The GPS watch is tracked via a mobile phone by calling the number allocated to the SIM card in the phone and it will determine your exact location and send you an SMS with a map link.

So if you get lost on your travels or injured in a foreign place, emergency services will be able to pin point your location to ensure your safe recovery. Any phone is able to call the GPS SIM, so the location of the device can be retrieved remotely.

Lightweight at only 52g and waterproof, the watch appears like any other and also has an SOS mode which automatically reports locations every five minutes.

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