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Grand Cereals Limited

Grand Cereals Limited is producing vital products for the Nigerian community

Matthew Staff

The award-winning Nigerian integrated foods company is making a name for itself through its diverse range of services and products
Grand Cereals Limited is producing vital products for the Nigerian community


Grand Cereals Limited’s (GCL) clear vision and strategy has allowed for the flexibility and diversity that the company has shown since an imported wheat ban was put in place in Nigeria.

To account for such a potentially damaging change in legislation, businesses within the industry were forced to compensate for the deficit, and GCL has been successful in doing so through increasing and adapting its product range.

Producing leading brands in the categories of cereals, vegetables, oil and animal feeds; the company is now in a prime position to focus on further expansion and success in the future.

Modified operations

Following the ban on imported wheat, GCL, by its very nature, was immediately affected by the law and subsequently needed to find a quick solution.

Fortunately, the entrepreneurial spirit within the organisation came to the fore, leading to new avenues of revenue being explored and increased profitability being achieved within a relatively short space of time.

This was aided by the 1997 acquisition of a major shareholding within the company by UAC of Nigeria Plc, as the company explains: “Following the ban placed on imported wheat, GCL modified its operation and production objectives, and today, this growing subsidiary of UACN Plc is steadfastly engaged in many value-added agricultural-based industrial activities.”

Core activities

Despite the 1997 acquisition and the subsequent wheat ban, GCL has still managed to maintain its early philosophies and ethos which were established upon the company’s inception in 1983.

The original concept of the business was to produce baking flour from imported wheat, and while the ban proposed an initial concern, the consequences have turned out to be much more positive than originally forecasted.

“The result is seen today in the current production and marketing focus of the company,” the company says. “GCL consistently delivers to consumers; high quality cereals, oils and feed, via the careful application of internationally acclaimed techniques to manufacture premium products.”

The core activities being carried out within GCL stem from the production units of a cereal mill which processes maize into flour, grits and offal; a process that has become synonymous with the company in Nigeria.

Added to that, the company also consists of an oil mill capable of producing anything from soya beans to cakes and soap stock, an animal feed plant able to process the byproducts of the cereal and oil mills to the tune of 140 tonnes a day, and strategic silos which can contain up to 16,000 tonnes of grains.

Quality products

The constant thrive for improvement flowing through these production units is also backed up by intelligent marketing campaigns and a strong work ethic within the company’s workforce.

“GCL deploys substantial investments always, to better understand and service its markets and consumers,” the company says. “There is greater premium on several schemes that are specifically aimed at guaranteeing customers' satisfaction, by obtaining and acting on feedback generated regularly, thereby improving the customer relations network.”

Making the most of the technological advances within the country, GCL is able to promote its key brands through extensive marketing techniques, incorporating the best that digital advertising and social media has to offer.

All this enables GCL to unveil the right products to the right market, with a healthy balance of product quality, affordable pricing and nutritional value.

Award Winning

To capitalise on the marketing prowess within GCL, the company has also invested significantly into its distribution avenues and, more importantly, its internal efficiency.

This includes creating an open and comfortable working environment which has, in turn, encouraged vital longevity among the company’s employees.

GCL’s vision of being the “leading animal feed and vegetable oil company in West Africa” through the promotion of “wellness” and “offering brands of excellent value to customers” has also been recognised by the wider industry too.

One of its leading products, Grand Pure Groundnut Oil has been described as ‘the most outstanding edible oil you can get anywhere in Nigeria’, receiving the Grand Award in 2008.

GCL has adapted to the necessary changes in focus and production better than most and is reaping the rewards for its ongoing hard work and diversification. And as the company celebrates its 30-year anniversary this year, the seeds have already been planted for continued success in the future.

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