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Civil Aviation Authority Zimbabwe

Civil Aviation Authority Zimbabwe: hitting new heights

Stan Jackson

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe is well equipped for the host of new tourist arrivals expected in the country over the coming years
Civil Aviation Authority Zimbabwe: hitting new heights


Zimbabwe’s Civil Aviation Authority is gearing up for Zimbabwe’s bright future by ensuring that the competency and quality of service that has typified the organisation in recent years continues as its passenger traffic increases.


It is predicted that by 2017 there will be 2.5 million passengers a year passing through Harare airport alone.  The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is the organisation charged with the successful operation of airports within the country, including management of the airspace, advising airlines and government agencies and overseeing the day to day running of the airports themselves.

Despite maintaining that the excellence of service provision will continue irrespective of passenger increases, David Chawota, General Manager of the CAAZ, believes that the consistent integrity exhibited by the company in recent years has only enhanced Zimbabwe’s reputation as a destination:

“It doesn’t matter for us how many passengers are coming through; we will strive to ensure that they all receive a fantastic quality of service – that’s what we aim to offer everyone and we will continue to do so as capacity increases.”

Because of the predicted increase in tourism numbers, it is an exciting time for CAAZ, and new clients are appearing due to changes within the industry, and within the country. In February 2011, Emirates Airlines, one of the world’s best known aviation operators, made its maiden flight to Harare, and now flies the route five times a week.

“We work with a lot of high profile clients.  British Airways is one of them, as are the Zimbabwean government.  We consider every passenger who travels through one of our airports, as well as all of the airlines and agencies we assist to be our customers, and each one is given the best service possible.”


CAAZ are dedicated to improving their staff to ensure that the organisation continues to cope with the importance of their task. 

“We spend 15-20 percent of the company budget every year on staff training – it’s an important part of an organisation such as ours,” says Chawota, who himself gained a degree in Aviation Electronics in 1982.

“We try to identify potential development areas of members of staff, and then ensure that they are given the correct training to improve their skills.  We feel it is our responsibility as we strive to be an organisation which operates to the highest standards.”

Further than simply training their own staff, CAAZ is a company with a huge amount of dedication to social responsibility,  for example raising funds for the construction of a new school in Jabulani. 

The project is on-going, however the CAAZ is organising a golf tournament in Victoria Falls to raise money for the school.

“We are proud of our involvement with these projects,” says Chawota.  “It is very important to us to be seen as an organisation which has a positive influence on society at large.”

Aside from the Jabulani School, there is already a secondary school in Ntabazinduna developed with money raised by the CAAZ, as well as a library and the renovation of nearby buildings.

Industry Changes

The CAAZ has overseen many changes in the aviation industry of late as the fast-paced sector continues to adapt to green initiatives and technological advancements. 

“There is stability in the Zimbabwean market now and the aviation industry as a whole is a mature and competent one, which means we are now able to adapt very quickly to new innovations.”

As well as the greener side of aviation technology, CAAZ are also attempting to upgrade the facilities in some of the airports under their jurisdiction.  “We are introducing a completely new check-in system in Harare which will improve the process as a whole and ensure that the passengers have as pleasant an experience as possible as they pass through,” says Chawota.

The CAAZ also welcomes the host of green initiatives currently being proposed by the Zimbabwean government. 

“We are in full support of the move to sustainable practise,” says Chawota.  “We believe that environmental concerns should be given a high level of importance and we want to be compliant as possible with the new green laws.”

As Zimbabwe becomes an increasingly popular destination for tourism and business travel alike, the CAAZ are exceptionally well prepared to cope with the increased air traffic and will continue to be an organisation with a firm commitment to integrity, competence, and most importantly quality of service to their customers. 

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