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Pirates vessel

Horn of Africa piracy declines by almost half in 2011

NATO staistics reveal that number of attacks reduced from 45 in 2010 to 24 in 2011
Online shopping has increased

SA's online spending boom sees 30 percent rise in 2011

World Wide Worx research shows that South Africans spent almost a third more shopping on the internet than in 2010
Yang Jiechi and Utoni Nujoma met in Namibia

Africa is 'golden ground' says Chinese Minister

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi hails Africa for its investment opportunities during a visit to the continent
Litter is a problem in Kampala

Litter crackdown in Uganda as offenders arrested

Authorities in capital city of Kampala say they have arrested 40 people in 2012 for dropping rubbish on streets
Rhino poaching hit a record high

Rhino hunting auction causes anger in SA

Nature conservation authority Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife auctions the right to shoot a rhinoceros as anti-poaching groups vent anger

Chinese currency could replace US Dollar in Africa

Standard Bank research says 40 percent of trade could be denominated in Chinese renminbi by 2015 homepage

Big boost in Christmas sales for online retailer

South Africa's largest online retailer reports 87 percent increase in shoppers in festive period so far
Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret investigating child labour claims

US lingerie brand accused of using child labour on farms supplying cotton for factories in Burkina Faso
Air Zimbabwe plane

Troubled Air Zimbabwe grounds South Africa flights

State-owned airline stops daily service to South Africa over fears aircraft will be seized
Extra day's holiday over Christmas

Extra public holiday spreads Christmas cheer in SA

Government announces 27 December will be a public holiday despite fears over lost revenue to the economy
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