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Is it possible to 'over market'?

Too much of a good marketing thing?

With marketers being spoilt for choice in ways to reach their customers, when does too much of a good thing actually start doing harm?
Do traditional marketing methods still work?

Traditional vs. new marketing methods

The Super Bowl XLVI puts television advertising on the radar - is paying out $3.5 million for a 30 second spot really justified when digital marketing comes at a fraction of that cost?
Groupon website

Daily deal sites: Holy grail or poisoned chalice?

Since Groupon, the big daddy of daily deal sites, launched in 2008, group buying has been heralded as either a revolutionary new way for small businesses to gain exposure or as a sales and marketing disaster
Banner ads on mobiles vary

Online marketing: What's next for the banner ad?

One thing is certain, nothing stays the same for long in the online world. So what's next for the online banner ad?
Online shopping

Attracting and keeping online shoppers in Africa

How to draw in customers on the world wide web
World of social networking

The rise of social searching

Why social network sites are becoming the trustworthy source of reference for consumers

Emirates online advert banned in SA

Dubai airline's promise for free kids' holidays ruled 'misleading'
SEO tips

Google tips: Improve your search ranking

Utilising the most appropriate search engine strategy is imperative for businesses. We discover the techniques businesses can use in order to rank highly on the world's biggest search engine - Google.
Raising an online profile in Africa

How to raise an online profile in Africa

You would expect the main challenges when running a search engine marketing (SEM) campaign in Africa to be fairly tactical things, such as communicating with small, fragmented markets; a variety of languages and cultures; poverty; bandwidth and infrastructure constraints; and the propensity for governments under threat to simply switch off the internet.
SEO is not the only way

SEO is not the only way

Web 2.0 enables businesses to actively engage with customers and collaborate with them on product development, service enhancement and promotion. In terms of marketing, this drive towards user-created content means forming a direct link with the consumer and providing them with product news and information.
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