Asphalt road through Serengeti scrapped

Plans to build a paved road through Serengeti National Park have been revised for sake of wildlife

Plans to build a road through Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park have been revised to avoid disturbing the annual migration of wildebeest.

The road will now be unpaved, with game rangers controlling traffic.

"The Serengeti road project has not been abandoned...we have just revised it. I don't know where all this confusion comes from," Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Ezekiel Maige said.

The planned road was to be introduced to alleviate traffic on the outskirts of the Serengeti and poor communities around the park.

The move, which initially concerned an asphalt road, has been criticised by conservation bodies.



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"The project is still there without a shadow of a doubt. But the road will be unpaved, so there will be no tarmac road or highway traversing through the Serengeti National Park," said Maige.

Maige said rangers from the state-run Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) would  set up checkpoints and control traffic through a 53km section of the road.

"The road will be closely supervised. TANAPA will put up gates and carry out regular patrols to ensure no harm comes to the wildlife population as a result of vehicles that will be allowed to pass through the road," he said.

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