Ambitious Samsung on track to meet $10bn African target

- Finance - Mar 27, 2012

Samsung has announced it is “well on track” in its objective to grow its business in Africa to $10 billion by 2015.

At the South Korean electronic firm’s Africa Forum in Cape Town, CEO Park Kwang Kee said that the company was focused on targeting 100 percent growth in West, East and Southern Africa.

“Over the next three to four years, this growth will be underpinned by a focus on three key premises; Built for Africa research and development; B2B and B2G partnerships supported by key CSR initiatives and of course, growing and strengthening our partner network across Africa to reach our core mission to inspire the future of Africa,” added Kwang Kee.


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Samsung’s dedicated "Built for Africa" range includes the world's first solar-powered netbook, televisions with power surge protection, and will also feature an entry-level Galaxy smartphone later this year.

The company opened its Africa headquarters in 2010 and visited 43 countries to witness first hand the local environments in which devices are used. It found that durability, efficiency and reliability were key.

Didier Drogba in Samsung's Built For Africa TV ad:

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