SABMiller lager volumes in Africa grow by 11 percent

- Finance - Jan 23, 2012

SABMiller, the world’s second-largest brewer by volume, has said that Africa and emerging markets helped grow its lager volumes by 3 percent in the third quarter, to the end of December.

Lager volumes in Africa grew by 11 percent, despite cycling strong comparatives (third-quarter volumes grew by 12 percent last year) and capacity constraints in a number of markets, the company said.

In South Africa, SABMiller’s lager volumes grew by 2 percent, with Castle Lite and Castle Lager brands performing particularly well.



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The launch of the Impala brand, a beer made with cassava and sold at around 75 percent the cost of other beers, increased volumes by 8 percent in Mozambique.

Impala lager launched late last year in Mozambique – a country where many people brew beer within their own homes illegally. Made with the starchy vegetable root, it is aimed at capturing a market that struggle to afford other lagers.

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