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Nigeria's booming economy is music to the ears

Challenges are being overcome as economic success, stable government, new partnerships, and lucrative live music deals see artists reaping the fruits of their talent

Getting down to the business of blogging

While some companies might think writing an online log is purely a way for people to bleat about their lives, other more media savvy firms are already stealing a charge by recognising the power of the written word

Building businesses with Big Data - the African way

A unique opportunity to leap ahead of the rest of the world is presenting itself to the continent as the race is on to harness the power of information which could significantly boost bottom lines

The time is ripe for raising capital

The past decade has witnessed a change in financing for African businesses with more private equity firms willing to show them the money

Top employers in Africa named for 2014

While challenges abound for any company extending its reach into Africa, The Top Employers Africa 2014 Certification Programme shows that HR plays a vital role in bridging gaps and ensuring that both business and employee needs are met

Nollywood's latest star is rising

Forbes Magazine has labelled him as one of Africa's top 10 young entrepreneurs to watch, but for Jason Njoku watching movies has placed his company on the world stage

The JSE - a premium listing destination

With a World Economic Forum ranking of South Africa as third in the world for raising capital via the local equity market, Patrycja Kula, Business Development Manager at the JSE, discusses how it is is positioning itself to attract more listings

It's time for businesses to get SaaSy with the cloud

Deloitte SA's experts, Kamal Ramsingh and Dr Mariana Carroll, give their top five tips on everything companies need to know to get the best out of software as a service

Don't be a wallflower, be a social butterfly

Calvyn du Toit, UCT's Graduate Business School's Digital Marketing Manager, explains why companies are losing out if they are not being social

Gateway encryption: an answer to Cloud security concerns

Cloud Encryption Gateways undoubtedly form part of a feasible security solution for Cloud Computing and should be considered as part of any Enterprise Cloud Strategy

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